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Healing Waters store brand

Tips for Using This Site

Welcome to the Healing Waters online essence store at! We hope to be a consistent source of essences and supplies for you.

This web site is loaded with information in words and photographs so you can browse around the many different brands and learn about the different companies and essences.

Most products (except some Morningstar items) now have Shopping Cart links. These are placed near the name of the product. If some of your items are in the shopping cart and others have no links, you can list the brand, product, size, and quantity in the Instructions window of the shopping cart. If you know a product exists in a brand we carry but you cannot find it on the website, please email us and we will do our best to obtain it for you. This website is often behind the times in including new products, but we do try to put new items in our inventory anyway.

Every page contains a search box, the prices and sizes of each brand's products, links to the ordering instructions, shipping rates, sale page, our physical/mailing address, phone number and fax number, and a link to our email. The Ordering Instructions page also has a link to the Main Price List.


From the top of our home page, you can, of course, scroll down to read all the information, or you can click the "Products," "Order," "Search," or "Contact" buttons to jump to that section. "Products" is a list of the essence brands we carry; clicking on "Order" will take you to a list of links for the Ordering Instructions, the Main Price List, and our Sale Page. Clicking on "Search" will take you to the section explaining the search box utility that is on every page. Under "Search" you can also click a link to our Master Index of Essence Names in case you know the name of the essence you want but not the brand that makes it. Clicking on "Contact" will display our name, mailing address, phone numbers, fax number, and email address.

Below these four buttons just described, there is a table of links to other products -- books, cards, oils, bottles, pendants, etc.

If you click on a brand name from the home page, a page on our site will be displayed for that brand's information. Every such page is laid out the same: our store logo (Healing Waters) is at the top, followed by the brand name and the maker's names (maybe even a photo), then maybe a few "quick links" to different categories of products that brand makes, a link to the sizes and prices for that brand's products, then a list of essences with the descriptions, any available source photos (the gem or flower or environment the essence was made from), and an "Add to Shopping Cart" link for easy purchase. The prices and sizes are at the bottom of each page, and every page has the search box and a link to the Ordering Instructions page. If any of your products did not have a shopping cart link, just type a message into the Message/Instructions box in the shopping cart during checkout and we'll add it for you.

The bottom of every page also has a link back to our home page that looks like this: Browse other products from the Healing Waters Home Page, a dropdown menu from which you can choose to view the pages for any of the brands we carry ( ), and a search box with a link to advanced search features below it, like this:

Click here for Advanced Search Options

We know that a site with this volume of information can be frustrating, and that you may be overwhelmed with the options for ordering -- but if you take your time and take advantage of the many resources and tools here, we are confident you will find everything you need and want. You can call, email, or fax us for help (info on the home page under "Contact"), and we will do our very best to make sure you are comfortable and happy with our products and service.

--Mindy Sampson, owner of Healing Waters at