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Welcome to Healing Waters! This business began in April of 2000 and serves thousands of people in 71 countries (as of March 2014). This website has a lot of information and it can be overwhelming at first. Please take your time to browse the pages, read the information, look at the photos, and ask us questions if you need help.

So....why shop here? What are "essences" anyway? How are they used? How does the shopping cart work? What if I use PayPal?

These are indeed "frequently asked questions" and we do have a FAQ, but this page is more of an overview that leads you to all the other features that will explain things more fully.

The advantages of ordering from Healing Waters are that we obtain the hard-to-find essences for you and take care of all payment, shipping, tracking, history, currency conversion, and Customs issues that you would have if you ordered from every company directly. With us, you have one reasonable shipping cost (not one from every different brand or company) and we provide your backorders with no extra shipping charges (unless you request a special service). Your order history is maintained and you can pay and order in a variety of ways.

What kinds of things do we have?

We specialize in essences, which are water-based and have no taste or smell unless preservative is used, usually brandy. They are drops that work on the mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual aspects of our lives. Essences can help correct negative attitudes, patterns, or imbalances, support existing positive qualities and the formation of new patterns, and open you to a more desirable sense of wellbeing and hope for the future. They are usually provided in dropper bottles so you can put drops into your mouth directly or dilute them in water or another beverage, or put them in your bath. Some essences come in spray bottles so you can mist your car, pillow, office, your pets, or yourself. A few brands offer creams including essences for topical application --- and you can add drops of essences to your own favorite lotion if you don't want to take them internally. Most brands use 20% to 30% brandy as preservative. Essences never really expire, but the alcohol helps keep the water fresh and safe. If you take four drops of an essence, then approximately one drop is alcohol. If you don't want to taste the alcohol, then put the drops into water or juice and sip the beverage.

Most essences made from a single flower, gem, or environment come in what is called "stock," which is a concentrate. Although you can take stock directly from the bottle, essences are equally effective if you dilute them to "dosage." If you use that method, you would put 4 to 10 drops of stock into a 1 oz dropper bottle of 2/3 pure water and 1/3 preservative (brandy, vegetable glycerin, or apple cider vinegar) and take your drops from that diluted mix. We sell glycerin, empty bottles, and labels so you can make your own blends or dosage bottles.

Most essences are made by the traditional methods of Dr. Bach, the "founder" of modern flower essence use. Older cultures used dewdrops on flower petals energized by the sun to effect changes in their lives, but Dr. Bach created the sun-infusion and boiling methods for modern essence creation. The majority of essences are made from flowers, and many producers around the world use gems, leaves, buds, twigs, environmental features and conditions, and even channeling and shamanic journeys to develop essences for very specific states of being.

Essences from different brands can be used together, and the main "rule" to remember is that anything you combine should work toward a common goal or desired result. If you can find just one essence that will improve your most important priority, do that first. Use it consistently for two to four weeks and evaluate your progress. You can then add remedies or change completely. As you progress, some things will be cleared and you may develop new goals and priorities.

We offer brands from all across the United States as well as Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Australia, and South Africa, and some of those producers travel the world to make essences from native flowers in India, Brazil, and many other locations, including the Antarctic. If you have never chosen an essence for yourself, you can perhaps look at the photos to see if you have any emotional reactions to them; if you have an affinity for a certain region, you can start with flowers from there; if you love the wildflowers from your home area, you can start there.

Note from the owner: When I first started using essences, it took me two months to decide where to begin. I made a list of all the things I wanted to change in myself, read essence descriptions and grouped everything that sounded related, compared them to see what I thought would be most effective, then looked to see if any small group of essences would take care of several aspects of my situation at once. Then I prioritized my goals and had my first group of about six essences! Many people will not want to take the intellectual approach, and that's ok. Whatever you feel is right for you IS right for you!

Although essences are our focus, we do also offer some essential oils and flower oils. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and are usually used topically or in baths or to scent products. Some of our essence sprays include aromatherapy in addition to the essences. Flower oils include a maceration of the whole flower in the oil and the oil can be used for massage or in baths. We also have the books and cards associated with each brand.

How to reach us

Email is the best method to reach us, although we do accept faxes and voicemail. If you don't hear from us, please keep trying by phone, email, or fax. NOTE: I am not very good about keeping up with voicemail, so email is best. If you have to call, please call in the afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 Monday through Saturday.

Here are some links to pages that will tell you about what we carry, how to order, how to contact us, our shipping policies, and a FAQ you may find useful:

List of essence brands and other products

How to order (includes shipping rates for USA and outside USA)

Contact information


How the shopping cart works

Because this is not a giant corporation, our resources for web development and shopping cart technology are limited. The owner built and maintains this site as best she can. It is often out of date because brands are constantly introducing new products. If an item is not on this site but you know it exists, please put a note in the shopping cart's Message/Instructions box or send us an email. We order new products so they are available even if they are not yet on this website or in the shopping cart system.

Here are some important things to know about the shopping cart on this website.

  • The shopping cart does not bill your card. We bill your card after accounting for discounts, shipping, and out of stock items or substitutions.
  • The shopping cart has limited space for us to put messages and information in, so you may need to refer to the Ordering Instructions and the shipping rate charts.
  • The cart cannot add shipping charges at any time because we serve 64 countries and there are too many variations in costs. Online stores with shopping carts that add shipping costs usually only ship within the USA and Canada. We are happy to estimate your shipping costs for you upon request.
  • If you proceed through the shopping cart checkout procedure to the point where you get an Order Confirmation number, you have placed an order.
  • If you chose PayPal as your payment method and you pay through your account right away, we will make any necessary adjustments and either refund overpayment or send a bill for underpayment.
  • We prefer you use the second PayPal option in the cart to request a complete bill. This means that you do not need to take any action to pay until you receive the PayPal bill from us that will include shipping, discounts, etc.
  • If you place a PayPal order and do not pay and do not request a bill, it is still an active order and we will bill you for it. Please do not place orders only to see if you can make it add shipping. It won't. We are happy to answer questions about shipping charges after you have reviewed the shipping rate charts or if you need international postage information. When you click on "Proceed to Payment" in the shopping cart checkout screen, your order is placed. Then you can choose to prepay or ask for a bill, but the order has already been transmitted to us, so if you are not sure you want the order, please do not press "Proceed to Payment" but ask us any questions you have.
  • No shipping options will ever be offered in the shopping cart but you are welcome to put urgent needs or special requests in the Message/Instructions box during checkout or send us an email. The limitations of the shopping cart technology are not limitations in our ability to serve your needs!

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