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November 25 through December 31

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If you have not shopped with us recently, please read this Introduction, which includes information on how the shopping cart works.

NOTE: Please read all of the following information so you will understand how the sale is handled.

Happy holidays to you! The shopping cart has been set to automatically apply discounts (but still will not show shipping charges because we ship to 64 countries and there is no way to be accurate with all the different destinations....please see shipping rates here that will be added to your total):

  • 15% off any purchase up to $500.00
  • 20% off any purchase between $500.01 and $1500.00
  • 25% off any purchase of more than $1500.01

Sale discount applies to everything ordered during the sale, even if it is not currently available to mail. This means you can take advantage of the savings on expensive items like full kits or imports and not have to pay for them until they ship. Several of the brands we carry take a winter holiday of several weeks, so if an item from any of those brands is out of stock after December 15, it will probably not ship until middle to late January - with the guaranteed sale discount.

Our store brand of essence blends is included in this sale! Please go see!

We appreciate your patience during this busy time of year. We process all orders as they come in and try to ship in-stock items the same or next day, but we do occasionally require a bit of extra time to serve you best.

Typical delivery is 2 to 3 days from mailing date (not from date of ordering). We do not guarantee any arrival dates due to variations in local postal service, so shop early if you need things as gifts. Please provide information (in case you are, for example, leaving the country on a certain day) in the Message/Instructions box during checkout about any special needs.

We do NOT guarantee any package to arrive in time for Christmas unless you have received an email or phone reply from us and arrangements have been made.

Most backorders for retail orders are not charged additional postage, so we try to mail what is available as soon as possible so you have some products right away. If we expect there will be less than three or four days before having a complete order, we may hold the order so you have everything in one package. You may state a preference in the Message/Instructions box during checkout in the Shopping Cart or by email, e.g., "send all items together," "cancel backorders and mail now," "send backorders separately."

Shipping and handling will be applied separately according to the shipping rates posted. PayPal will add shipping automatically, but some adjustments up or down sometimes need to be made for orders shipped outside the US.

  • PayPal customers: We strongly prefer that you not prepay because of complications due to items being out of stock or international postage being different than PayPal calculates. Please use the shopping cart option "send a complete PayPal bill" so we can accurately determine your total.
  • Discounts apply only to orders placed through the shopping cart or sent by fax and cannot be combined with or applied retroactively to orders placed before the sale began. Do NOT ask us to apply a discount to orders from before November 23.

USA customers: Please also say if you authorize the extra expense of Express mail in case it is necessary to accommodate your preferred delivery schedule. Minimum charge is $20 above our postage shipping rate for USA orders. Some areas do not have overnight USPS delivery (but 2-day instread, at same Express price), so ask if you need information.



If you have not shopped with us recently, please read this Introduction, which includes information on how the shopping cart works.


This is a continuous section of our Sale Page that will change as some items sell and others are added. Descriptions will not be posted here but usually can be found using the Search box at the bottom of every page. If something is not listed on our site, please email us for description. Prices appear with the item names, conditions as listed below. PHI items at significant savings!

Orders for items in this section are limited to current availability. Please be aware that the page will be updated as often as possible but may sometimes temporarily be inaccurate. You will be notified if something you request cannot be provided.

DO NOT use the Shopping Cart links for any item on this page to receive the discount price. We will be happy to combine these items with an order of regularly priced items, and you may type your discount product requests into the Message/Instructions box in the Shopping Cart, but if you only want items from this page, then orders MUST be placed using email or fax (no phone orders, please). Contact information is here.

NO REFUND OR RETURNS will be accepted under any circumstance. All sales final for items on this page.

Usual shipping rates will apply and will be added to the total before mailing. See shipping rates here.


Korte PHI - price as marked

Rose Kit of 10, complete - $120 (reg. $150)

Banana - 1 - $16

Honeysuckle - 1 - $16

Pink Yarrow - 1 - $16

Poinsettia - 1 - $16

Expirations of 2011 or earlier -- $3 EACH

Alaskan 1 oz

Pineapple Weed - 1


Blue Pimpernel - 1

FES 1 oz

Plantain - 1 (also underfilled)

Plum - 1

Morningstar 2 oz

Pear - 1

Overstocks -- $4 EACH

Alaskan 1/4 oz

Alder - 2

Combination Poppy - 1

Pink-Purple Poppy - 2

Ancient Forest Essences 1/4 oz

Western Redcedar - 1


Bracken Aqueous - 2

Energy Liberator - 1

FES 1/4 oz

Green Bells of Ireland - 1 (pre-Range of Light label)

Pansy - 1

Pink Angel's Trumpet - 1

Shasta Lily - 1 (pre-Range of Light label)

Squash (zucchini) - 1

White Rose - 1

FES 1 oz, one each unless marked

Scarlet Pimpernel

Underfills (content volume between 10% and 60%) -- $3 EACH

Living Essences of Australia

Spirit Faces - 4

Unique or Discontinued

Findhorn -- $3 EACH

Bon Voyage pillules - 1

Living Essences of Australia Stress Essence 500 ml - $85

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