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Healing Waters store brand

Happy Anniversary! It is still our great pleasure to be of service to you. The discounts are:

10% off purchase up to $60

18% off purchase between $60.01 and $800

25% off purchase of more than $800

All brands are discounted and the Shopping Cart will show the discounts taken off all current prices. NOTE: this offer cannot be applied retroactively to orders placed before April 14.

(The cart still will NOT show shipping charges because we ship to 73 countries and there is no way to be accurate with all the different destinations....please see shipping rates here that will be added to your total.)

Sale discount applies to all qualifying items ordered during the sale, even if something is not currently available to mail. This means you can take advantage of the savings on expensive items like full kits and not have to pay for them until they ship.

Typical USA delivery is 2 to 3 days from mailing date (not from date of ordering). We do not guarantee any arrival dates due to variations in local postal service. Please provide information (in case you are, for example, leaving the country on a certain day) in the Message/Instructions box during checkout about any special needs. If you want 1st class inside the USA, send us an email or make a note during checkout.

Shipping and handling will be applied separately according to the shipping rates posted. PayPal will add shipping automatically, but some adjustments up or down sometimes need to be made for orders shipped outside the US.

PayPal customers: If you prepay instead of request a bill, we will refund or bill any necessary amounts. If you do not want to prepay, please use the shopping cart option "send a complete PayPal bill" so we can accurately determine your total and send you a PayPal bill.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PAYPAL USERS: When you press "continue to payment" you have submitted the order even if you did not pay through your PayPal account. DO NOT use the cart to "test" to see what shipping will be, etc. Ask us questions instead. If you submit any unwanted orders, please email us right away to cancel them. Because we order products based on all cart orders, even unpaid, you will be billed for orders submitted through PayPal when we have your items ready. Be sure you do want them.




Now you can sip your favorite beverage using
a beautiful and inspirational mug from Healing Waters!

Karen Deaton created the original art based on
guidance from Mindy Sampson, incorporating
representations of all branches of essence work.

This handsome mug holds 10 ounces and
is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Add Mug to Shopping Cart

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