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Healing Waters store brand


Because we have had many requests for discounts outside of our normal Sale times, we are establishing as of January 1, 2014, this Club for year-long savings.

For an annual membership fee, you are entitled to:

15% off the order containing the membership fee

10% off every one of your orders for the next year! Your membership year begins the date you place your order containing the membership fee. EXAMPLE: If you begin March 1, your membership will end when February is over unless you renew.

BONUS: Your 10% discount WILL APPLY to orders placed during our advertised sale periods...yes, both discounts will be valid! If a sale item is 15% off and you are a member, you will get an extra 10% discount applied to the sale price.

When you become a member, your beginning and ending dates will display on your invoices. You will also be emailed a personal voucher code that will show your 10% discount in the shopping cart checkout. If you forget to use your code, we will still apply your discount because your Healing Waters account will alert us that you qualify.


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