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The 11 Precious Jewels




Introduction to Pacific Essences

Pacific Essences® is one of the first international companies, and the first Canadian company, dedicated to research and development of Vibrational remedies from Nature. 

Statement of Purpose 

Pacific Essences® was founded in 1983 to research the properties and qualities of plants native to the west coast of Canada. We are dedicated to the highest standard of research which includes initial recognition of the plant and self testing, independent intuitive testing by others who are interested in vibrational remedies, and testing by independent researchers using highly sensitive electromagnetic tools.

At Pacific Essences®, we are committed to expanding the knowledge of flower essences and other vibrational remedies through teaching and ongoing research.

We are committed to a vision of cooperation and co-creation between human beings and other living kingdoms on the earth.

Ultimately we are dedicated to the promotion of essences and vibrational remedies as non-invasive, gentle, and effective tools for healing. We are convinced that as we humans move more and more into the Light Beings we truly are, that Energy Medicine® will be the healing path which will serve us.


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