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If you want us to order full kits or quantities of sprays, creams, pendants, or multiples of individual essences, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due before mailing. Please consider thoughtfully if you are willing to wait until your items arrive and whether you need to provide an alternate shipping address for 4 to 6 weeks after ordering. We will no longer order items in excess of our normal stock levels without the nonrefundable deposit.


Sea Essence List

For set with or without Pink Amazonian Dolphin, contact us for current market price and shipping time estimate.

Each essence in the set is also available individually in 15 ml. Delph, Whale, and Pink Dolphin are also available in 30 ml.

Algae Essence / Algenessenz

(Algenesssenz) (Caulerpa racemosa)

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Made from Caribbean algae, this essence has a powerful stimulating and regenerating effect.  It connects energy levels directly from cellular consciousness, through the mental and emotional, up to the highest spiritual level.

Dolphin / Delph (Tursiops truncatus)

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Delph is an extraordinary essence.  Produced with the conscious help of free, sea-dwelling dolphins, it has the amazing ability to work on all our chakras at once, stimulating and harmonizing our entire being.  The dolphins' message is one of unconditional love.  Like a personal encounter with wild dolphins in the ocean, this essence opens our heart chakra so that we experience Life's unity and the interrelatedness of all living things.  Delph has a powerful cleansing effect both on our physical body, which is more than  80% water, and spiritually.  It is also used for the cleansing and activation of rivers, lakes,and seas polluted by industrial or agricultural waste.

Pendant and spray also available. 

Crab / Krebs (Krebs)

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For people who close themselves off from others, withdraawing inside a shell.  Over-cautious, fearful people can be helped by this essence.  On the other hand, it can also help us to recognize when real dangers arrive so that we really need to retreat to safety.  Helps us weigh the merits of a situation.

Pink Amazonas Dolphin (Sotalia fluviatilis)

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Connects us with the heart of planet Earth and gives us a deep connection with our soul. Calms and raises the consciousness.

Pendant also available.

Portugese man-of-war / Portugiesische Galleere

(Physalia physalis)

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Restores balance and clarity to relationships that are overly codependent or emotionally toxic, where one partner clings to the other abnormally.  This essence enables the codependent partner to detach him (or her) from the situation enough to recognize what is and what is not healthy in the relationship and to communicate this to his (or her) partner.
Slime Fish / Schleimfisch (Blenius sanguinolentus)

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Helps release tensions caused by unexpressed feelings.  Recommended for those who bottle up their emotions instead of resolving conflicts.  This essence restores our ability to appreciate our true feelings and assert ourselves when necessary.  Then we can enjoy life.
Sea Anemone / Seeschnecke (Stichodactyla mertensii)

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Strengthens the cohesion of a group and group consciousness.  Helps us distinguish when people belong together and which do not.
Sea Urchin / Seeigel (Echinotrix diadema)

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Helps us find our place in partnerships and other human relationships.  Allows us to strike the proper balance between becoming too close (dependent) or too distant (unfeeling).  We learn to create and protect our personal space and to recognize that others also need the same freedom.
Sea Snail / Seechnecke (Aplysia dactylomela)

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Raises our sense of self-confidence so that we can feel more secure when dealing with others.  Helps us trust that we are protected by a Higher Power in any and all circumstances.
Starfish / Seestern (Asterias rubens)

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Enhances our sensory perception so that we develop discernment and a keener awareness of our surroundings.  As we interact more closely with our environment, we improve our social skills and learn to make wiser choices, especially in human relationships.
Whale / Wal (Globicephela melas)

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This powerful essence should only be used after one has worked with Delph.  Please, always test it first!  Whales are the keepers of knowledge.  They are quite serious but in a loving, fatherly way.  Their essence throws our heart chakra wide open so that we can connect deeply with all life forms on Earth.  This experience, which can be overwhelming for the unprepared, reinds us of our role as caretakers of this planet and our need to live up to our real purpose for being here.

Pendant also available.


Delph Pendant

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Made of hand-blown clear glass, filled with Delph essence.  Wearing this pendant from a leather band around the neck, we put Dolphin essence directly on the heart chakra, thereby stimulating and harmonizing the 4th chakra energies.  The leather band can be adjusted individually. Comes in a blue presentation box.

Whale Pendant

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Made of hand-blown cobalt blue glass, filled with Whale essence.  Worn from an adjustable leather band around the neck, this pendant has a very powerful energy-activating and heart-opening effect.  Like the whale essence, it connects us to "all that is," so that we look at Mother Earth and her living creatures with much greater awareness. Comes in a white presentation box.

Pink Amazonas Dolphin Pendant

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Made of hand-blown red glass, filled with Pink Amazonas Dolphin essence.  Worn from an adjustable leather band around the neck, the pendant helps us to heal emotional wounds on the heart chakra. He connects us with nature and helps us to go our way with joy and love. Comes in a red presentation box.


All Sea Essences are available in 15 ml for $33.00.  Pendants are currently $47.50 each. Delph, Whale, and Pink Dolphin 30 ml price is $53.00. Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

If you don't want to use the Shopping Cart links, go to Ordering Instructions for alternatives. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal.  (For your browsing convenience, the ordering instructions page will open in a new window.)   Orders are also accepted at 1-505-934-3861 and by email.  If you are a repeat customer and none of your information has changed, we can process the order for you with just a list of products, brands, and sizes. 

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