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Rose Essence Descriptions

For full set of ten Rose Essences, contact us for shipping time estimate and current cost.

Each essence in the set is also available individually in 15 ml.

(Rosa roxbourghi - Japanische Rose)

Chestnut Rose (Japanese Rose / Japanische Rose)

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Teaches us modesty and humility in love whilst helping develop our hope for love in life. Love is the essence of life and as we practice restraint, we learn to use our thorns only if it is truly necessary.

(Rosa majalis - Zimtrose)

Cinnamon Rose / Zimtrose

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Gives us hope when we can see no way out of present troubles. Opens us to new possibilities. Helps us heal our emotional wounds and returns optimism regarding the future to us when all seems dark.

(Rosa spinosissima - Frühlingsgold)

Spring Gold Rose / Frühlingsgold

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Restores the energies of the solar plexus (3rd chakra) and ties them to the heart (4th chakra), thereby allowing us to accept who we are, calmly and dispassionately. Enables us to open our heart without becoming too emotionally involved. It permits us both mental clarity and warm feelings.

(Rosa x pruhoniciana - Wildrosen Hybride)

Wild Rose / Wildrosen hybride

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In a world full of obstacles, this rose allows us to remain steadfast and true to our own convictions. It helps us to re-connect with Nature and develop a new zest for life. Restores inner stability and power.

(Rosa rugosa - Apfelrosen)

Sara von Fleet Rose / Apfelrosen hybride

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Opens the heart (4th chakra) profoundly so we can experience love at its deepest levels, the kind of love that gives without expecting anything in return. For a childlike, cheerful and pure warmth of heart.

(Rosa rugosa - Apfelrosen)

Souvenir de Philmon Cochet Rose / Apfelrosen hybride

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Real love requires a unity of mind, body, and soul. This rose helps establish that link, connecting the different energy levels. Heart and mind merge so that love embraces our entire being. Opens the door to higher vibrations.

(Rosa Moyusii - Tibetanische Bergrose)

Tibetan Rock Rose / Tibetanische Bergrose

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Enables us to accept and love ourselves as we are. This reinforces our self-confidence, inner joy, and zest for life.

(Rosa chinesis viridiflora)

Green Rose / Grüne Rose

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Alleviates the negative effects of too much pressure and stress. Restores inner calm and detachment. Releases tensions and widens our perspective by renewing the heart (4th chakra).

(Rosa alba)

Queen of Denmark Rose / Königin von Dänemark

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Relieves emotional distress and tension when we feel hurt. Helps us to pull the "thorns” from our heart and alleviates past wounds.

(Rosa centifolia)

Provence Rose / Provence Rose

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Connects heart and mind, thereby helping us resolve (apparent) conflicts between our thoughts and our emotions. Helps those who only consider love intellectually, seeking to "explain” it instead of feeling it. On the other hand, this rose can also help us face reality instead of being ruled solely by our emotions.


All Rose Essences listed on this page are available in 15 ml for $27.95.  Please contact us for shipping time estimate. Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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