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If you want us to order full kits or quantities of sprays, creams, pendants, or multiples of individual essences, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due before mailing. Please consider thoughtfully if you are willing to wait until your items arrive and whether you need to provide an alternate shipping address for 4 to 6 weeks after ordering. We will no longer order items in excess of our normal stock levels without the nonrefundable deposit.

Planet Essence Descriptions

For complete set, contact us for shipping time estimate and current price.

Each essence in the set is also available individually in 15 ml.

Sonne (Sun)

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The essence of masculinity or Fatherhood - the counterpoint to the Moon.  It clears the mind, enables us to see clearly and connects us to the Source or God.
Luna (Moon)

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The essence of mystic femininity and Motherhood.  It helps us recognize the divine grace of maternity and opens our intuition.  It also can help restore abnormal biological rhythms in people where these have been disturbed.

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Helps us to recognize universal truth and to put it above personal desires or limited knowledge.  This essence also enhances our ability to learn and to communicate what we know.  It can be helpful before taking exams or going to an interview, for example.

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Corresponds to the feminine principle.  It helps us connect with our feminine, receptive side n to balance it in our energy field, thereby allowing our inner beauty and harmony to shine forth.

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Enables us to "fight the good fight" when we must as it reinforces our courage and resolve to defend what we believe in, all in a positive way.  It also helps restore our life force energy when we are exhausted and depleted.

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Helps us to understand power and how to use it in a good way.  We also can learn to recognize wealth (money) as a form of energy that can be accessed and used consciously.  Furthermore, this essence enhances our ability to link the positive use of personal power wt. happiness and joyful living.

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Has a releasing effect and brings us a deep understanding of the law of cause and effect, or karma.  We become conscious of accumulated karma resulting from past feelings an actions and are able to dissolve it lovingly, thereby opening ourselves to be able to live consciously, here and now.

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Connects us with the great principle of life that recognizes the interconnectedness of all living beings and their common Source in the One.

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A calm, dreamy mood enhancement, this essence harmonizes body, mind, and spirit, allowing our life force to flow more easily as it softly washes away energy blockages.  Good for relaxing and meditation.

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Helps us recognize and integrate those mystical feelings that derive from our subconscious mind.  When we are faced with difficult philosophical questions, like the meaning of life and death or why bad things happen to good people, its use can help us gain new insights.  It also can help overly materialistic people free themselves from their worldly attachments.


All Planet Essences are available in 15 ml for $33.00  Pleiades can be special ordered. Contact us for shipping time estimate. Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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