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Korte PHI Essences

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If you want us to order full kits or quantities of sprays, creams, pendants, or multiples of individual essences, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due before mailing. Please consider thoughtfully if you are willing to wait until your items arrive and whether you need to provide an alternate shipping address for 4 to 6 weeks after ordering. We will no longer order items in excess of our normal stock levels without the nonrefundable deposit.

Mushroom Essences

Mushroom essences work in a complementary manner to flower essences, vibrationally speaking.  Mushrooms are plants that grow without chlorophyll or photosynthesis, often in the absence of light.  They therefore play a special role in the vegetable kingdom.  They are dependent for their growth on other life in their environment that already possesses a full organic processing system.

Flower essences are derived from plants that depend on photosynthesis and chlorophyll for their well-being.  Their vibrations primarily affect our emotional body.  The vibrations of mushroom essences, on the other hand, bring changes directly to the cellular level of our physical body and integrate energy changes at that cellular level.  Just as mushrooms themselves grow best either deep underground or in dark shade, so their essences work on our darker or "shadow" side--those parts of ourselves that we often do not want to face in the light of day.

For full set, contact us for current market price and shipping time estimate.

Each essence in the set is also available individually in 15 ml.

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Amethyst Deceiver / Amethystblauer Lacktrichterling (Amethystblauer Lacktrichterling)

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Helps us in our inner transformation by bringing hidden inner "poisons" to the surface, then reducing their impact on mind, body and soul.  

Slippery Jack / Butterröhrling (Butterrhrling)

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Brings any unexpressed feelings of shame and guilt up to conscious awareness. Helps release blockages that are caused by deep seated negative feelings that deny self-worth. 

Common Puffball / Flaschen-Stäubling (Flaschen-Staubling)

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It helps us be aware of the relative importance of different circumstances during difficult times so that we stay focused and centered. 

Fly Agar / Fliegenpilz (Fliegenpilz)

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This essence intensely affects the 6th (third eye) Chakra and above. It helps cleanse both our physical and subtle bodies of the residues of psychiatric drugs and similar substances. Can help us gain positive access to higher dimensions. 

Gray Coral Fungus / Graue Koralle (Graue Koralle)

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Strongly stimulates all types of mental activity by directly affecting the nervous system. Harmonized intellect and intuition.

Horn of Plenty / Herbsttrompete (Herbsttrompete)

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The "breath of Hades" mushroom essence integrates us with our shadow side, grounds us and releases hidden blockages.

Herkuleskeule (Clavariadelphus pistillaris) 

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Connects us to our higher-level Chakras. Through this contact, we recognize clearly what is right and  important at every moment so we can direct our energies accurately.

Item also found on Sale Page.

Clustered Tough Shank / Knopfstiegliger Rübling   (Knopfstieliger Rubling)

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Enlarges our radius of perception by stimulating our "mental antennas".

Trumpet Funnal Cap / Mönchskopf (Monchskopf)

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It also draws out poison residues at an energy level in the case of fungus-related diseases. 

Aleuria / Orangebecherling (Orangebecherling)

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Brings us back into balance between matter and spirit. Can assist both those people who are too attached to the physical and also those who ignore their material needs, escaping into the spiritual realms too often. 

Parasol / Parasol (Macrolepiota procera)

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Helps us recognize and develop our full potential. 

Velvet Shank / Samtfusstrübling (Samtfusstrubling)

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Opens us to new and lighter thought patterns. Helps us let go of old, worn-out ways of thinking by opening our mind to the winds of change.

Many Zoned Polypore / Schmetterlingstrompete (Schmetterlingstramete)

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Increases our capacity for self-awareness, helping us through difficult crises and at key transition points in our life.  

Summer Cep / Sommer Steinpilz (Sommer Steinpilz)

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This essence grounds and anchors us within the strength and power of Mother Earth. It provides energy protection for the entire organism. 

Item found on Sale Page.

Lichen / Strachlige Schönflechte (Strahlige Schonflechte)

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This leaf lichen essence acts as an energy support for the skin. It helps us change or redefine our contact with the outside world. For people who are too "thin-skinned" in their relationships. 

Vesuv Lichen / Strauchförmige Flechte   (Strauchformige Flechte)

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Like the lichen, the first plant to grow on cooled lava, it gives us the power to begin over again.  

Lepiste / Veilchen-Rötelritterling (Veilchen - Rotelritterling)

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It brings us clarity on how to use our intuition and anchors the new balanced energy flow at the cellular level. 

Jelly Tongue / Zitterzahn (Zitterzahn)

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Helps us center ourselves and to concentrate, keeping us in balance. It strengthens our cellular structure, preserving our power (and our body heat) at the center of our being rather than allowing it to dissipate and be wasted.

Amazon Mushroom No.1 / Kernkeulen  (Cordycepts)

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Strengthens and heals the 2nd (navel) Chakra. Also assists the kidneys. Its effect is very deep as it helps eliminate the emotional poisons that have gotten a foothold in our body. 

Amazon Mushroom No.2 / Porling (Pycnoporus sanguineus)

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It strengthens our connection to the earth and promotes better circulation in the lower extremities,especially the feet. 


All Mushroom Essences are available in 15 ml for $27.95.  For the complete set of 20 Mushroom Essences, contact us for current market price and shipping time estimate. Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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