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Energy Balancer Essences

10 essence combinations from PHI Essences BV ® (All Stock bottles)

For full set, contact us for current market price and shipping time estimate.

Women Energy Balancer #1

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  • Increases the female energy (YIN)
  • Empowers women to accept their feminine side with joy
  • Heals emotional pressures
  • Provides emotional stability when we need it
  • An energetic aid during pregnancy

Men Energy Balancer #2

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  • Strengthens the male energy (YANG)
  • Creates balance when men are too achievement-oriented
  • Helps us to connect with their true inner nature
  • Aids men to be truly empowered and succeed in manifesting that empowerment in their lives

Joyful Sexuality Essence #3

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  • Heightens our emotions and awareness of those beautiful special moments
  • Helps us to enjoy sensuality with more love and creativity
  • Connects the experience of body with mind and spirit
  • Recommended in combination with the Women or Men Energy Balancer Essence

Forever Young Energy Essence #4

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  • Gives us the feeling of permanent inner youth
  • Helps to let go of fear of aging
  • Provides an energetic revitalization of our body – re-connecting with the mind and spirit
  • Lets your inner beauty shine through

Regeneration Energy Balancer #5

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  • Revitalizes us when we feel lethargic or weak
  • Unleashes new energy and power
  • Gives us the feeling of inner stability and strength
  • Helps balance our mind, body and spirit in an energetic unity
Purification Energy Balancer #6

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  • A deep purifying cleanser, helpful for those times when we feel internally clogged or unclean
  • Clears energetic blocks and toxins from the subtle body
  • Gives us the feeling of inner and outer purification and a fresh clear perspective
Stress Energy Balancer #7

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  • Nurtures us with a sense of calm when we feel we want to explode
  • Guides us to develop more distance and perspective
  • Assists in protection of ourselves
  • Allows us to give more time to ourselves and accept the good things in life

Jet Lag / Sleep Energy Balancer #8

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  • Balances sleep and rest times
  • Helps us to regenerate energetically
  • Supports us during traveling through different time zones

Heart / Emotional Energy Balancer #9

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  • Heightens and grows our qualities of the heart
  • We learn give unconditional love without disempowering ourselves
  • Supports and nurtures the emotional body
  • Gives us the wonderful feeling that we are lovable beings

Protection Energy Balancer #10

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  • Strengthens our protection shield for the emotional body
  • Gives us the feeling of distance and protection
  • Increases our feeling of trust and that we are always protected
  • Enables our growth into our true power as a unique being


All Energy Balancer Essences are $27.95 for 15 ml. For the complete boxed set, contact us for current market value and shipping time estimate). Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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