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If you want us to order full kits or quantities of sprays, creams, pendants, or multiples of individual essences, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due before mailing. Please consider thoughtfully if you are willing to wait until your items arrive and whether you need to provide an alternate shipping address for 4 to 6 weeks after ordering. We will no longer order items in excess of our normal stock levels without the nonrefundable deposit.


Essence Cream Descriptions

All Korte Phi creams are devoid of animal substances. They all contain avocado and wheat-germ essential oils, both key ingredients for restoring energy to the cells. Self-heal, Lotus and Venus-orchid creams are a perfect base for personalized blends of flower essences and essential oils. These creams are for external use only.

Amazon Cream

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Use this cream as a massage cream for relieving energetically blocked parts of the body. For and energy treatment of the back, you can also apply this cream directly onto the fossa tringularais of the auricle.

Lotus Cream

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This cream has a naturally relaxing and harmonizing effect on the skin, there by helping restore its energy balance. Based on the Lotus flower, considered to be the universal flower of peace and harmony.

Self-Heal Cream

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This cream also doubles as a healing balm. Its high energy vibrations stimulate the skin's natural self-healing powers. It also clams and soothes the skin after shaving.

Venus-orchid Cream

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Use this cream daily for face and body. Thanks to its deep relaxing effect, it stimulates the gentleness of one's nature and promotes soft skin. Recommended for sensitive skin.

RQ 7 Rescue Cream

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This pleasant cream is a combination of seven different energy essences (see "RQ7" under Classic Flower Essences). Apply it externally in acute emergencies such as shock, cuts or bruises. It can also be used as an energy stimulant to relieve exhaustion or deep fatigue.

Delph Cream

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An energetically strong cream that helps open the heart chakra. It activates and purifies the skin.


These creams are available in 2 oz jars for $26.00. Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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