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If you want us to order full kits or quantities of sprays, creams, pendants, or multiples of individual essences, we will require a 50% nonrefundable deposit with the balance due before mailing. Please consider thoughtfully if you are willing to wait until your items arrive and whether you need to provide an alternate shipping address for 4 to 6 weeks after ordering. We will no longer order items in excess of our normal stock levels without the nonrefundable deposit.

Classic Essence Descriptions

(Dr. Bach or English Flowers)

For full set of 40 essences, contact us for current market price and shipping time estimate.

Each essence in the set is also available individually in 15 ml dropper bottles.

Agrimonia eupatoria


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Helps open us up to our true inner feelings and to be able to express them to others instead of hiding our inner suffering be hind a cheerful facade.

Populus tremula


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Offers protecting against feelings of foreboding and panic that stem from hidden or unknown fears. Helps us connect to our inner sensitivity.

Fagus silvatica


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Helps us recognize our own shortcomings and in so doing to become more tolerant of others. Transits feelings of generosity and openness towards ourselves and our fellow man.

Centaurium umbellatum


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Strengthens our willpower and helps us to set limits with others. For those who are too easily dominated by more strong-willed people.

Ceratostigma villmottiana


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Helps us to trust our intuition and to make decisions more easily.

Prunus cerasifera

Cherry Plum:

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Alleviates extreme stress. Helps us when we feel desperate and about to lose control of ourselves.

Aesculus hippocastanum

Chestnut Bud:

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Helps us develop our true potential by opening us to a new influence and allowing us to learn from past experiences and mistakes.  

Cichorium intybus


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Promotes unconditional love by allowing us to let go of expectations in relationships.

Clematis vitalba


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For those who are not sufficiently grounded. Strengthens our sense of what is real vs. what is imaginary or wishful thinking.

Malus pumila

Crab Apple:

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Cleans and purifies. Overthrows old negative patterns to help us develop new, positive priorities. Use in situations in which we fear being contaminated by others.

Ulmus scabra


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Helps calm stress when we feel we have taken on too many responsibilities or that others expect too much of us. Gives us strength to tackle such situations courageously and to persevere.

Gentiana amarella


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An uplifting influence that enables us to trust in a Higher Power. This faith helps us persevere and triumph over difficult circumstances.

Ulex europaeus


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When we are in despair, this essence offers hope and the ability to begin anew, against all odds. Helps us to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" when all around us seems dark.  

Calluna vulgaris


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Heightens communication skills. Helps us listen to other points of view and to take an interest in other people. Brings peace of mind.

Ilex aquifolium


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The peacemaker. Helps us overcome hated, jealousy and resentment and to rediscover the meaning of true love. Dissolves entrenched negative emotional patterns.

Lonicera caprifolium


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For those who tend to live too much in the past. Helps us appreciate the past in a positive way so we can focus on the "here and now" and then move forward. 

Carpinus betulus


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Helps motivate us so that we see each day as filled with opportunities rather than challenges. Gives new energy to those weary of life's burdens.  

Impatiens glandulifera


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Heals inner emotional stress and allows us to accept both and others with patience and calm. Promotes a cooler, more moderate state of mind.

Larix decidua


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Reinforces self-confidence and helps us recognize that we can use our talents successfully.  

Mimulus guttatus


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Enables us to overcome those fears and phobias of which we are already conscious so that we find the courage to face the truth. For those who tend to be shy and easily intimidated.

Sinapsis avensis


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Dispels the dark clouds that appear overhead so that the sun may shine through once more. By accepting our "shadow side," we may relax in the light of our soul.  

Quercus robur


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Gives strength to those feeling physically exhausted. Helps us feel safe and protected. Teaches us to use our strength efficiently and to accept the limits of our power without feeling weak.

Olea europea


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Gives strength and courage to those who are physically and emotionally exhausted. Helps us recover our energy in very stressful situations. 

Pinus syevestris


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Relieves feelings of guilt or blame. Helps us be less critical of ourselves and our achievements and to recognize there is no "right" or "wrong" but that everything unfolds in Divine Order.

Aesculus carnea

Red Chestnut:

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Helps release unfounded fear in those who worry too much over the health and safety of loved ones. Enables us to think more positively and calmly in stressful situations so we can be of real help.

Helianthemum nummularium

Rock Rose:

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Brings relief when panic strakes or when facing life-threatening danger. Helps us to go beyond our normal abilities and remain steadfast.

Acqua petra

Rock Water:

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Helps us let go of rigid or unrealistic, outmoded expectations. For those who are too hard on themselves or on their fellowman. Enables us to trust the flow of life and find love and harmony.  

Scleranthus annuus


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For times when we must make a decision. Brings inner balance and broadens our perspective, especially when we are of "two minds" about an issue but can only choose one solution.  

Ornithogalum umbellatum

Star of Bethlehem:

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Relieves states of shock and trauma, whether recent or deeply embedded in the unconscious. Gives consolation to those having lost a loved one.  

Castanea sativa

Sweet Chestnut:

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Restores faith and hope in times of utter despair. Enables us to recognize "the light at the end of the tunnel" when a situation seem insurmountable.

Verbena officinalis


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Helps those who seek to convince others that theirs is the only "right" point of view to broaden their perspective and adopt a more tolerant attitude.

Vitis vinifera


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Helps us develop our natural authority while remaining sensitive to the opinions and needs of others. Especially good for those who tend to impose their viewpoint on others unnecessarily.

Juglans regia


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Assists anyone facing an important transition point in their life. Helps us set a new course.

Hottonia palustris

Water Violet:

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For those who isolate themselves mentally and emotionally, often with feelings of superiority. Helps break down their inner barriers, leading to more acceptance of others' abilities and closer relationships.  

Aesculus hippocastanum

White Chestnut:

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Restores serenity and peace of mind when we have repeatedly assailed by unwanted negative thoughts or impulses. Enables us to see things in perspective once again.

Bromus ramosus

Wild Oat:

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When facing important decisions, this essence helps us recognize our true goals in life and to accomplish them.

Rosa canina

Wild Rose:

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When we lose our sense of purpose in life, if nothing makes sense any more, this essence can restore our zest for living and give us strength to make a new start.  

Salis vitellina


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Offers a new, gentler perspective on life for those who have seen a lot of hard times. Teaches us that our thoughts are powerful and that we can use them to create positive changes, today.


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The Classic emergency remedy combination of five classic flower essence. Recommended for shock, panic, after an accident or during acute emotional distress.


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A combination of the same five flower essence as RQ5 with Self-Heal and Lotus added to activate our body's self-healing powers and to restore inner balance and harmony. Recommended for exhaustion and also after surgery. Also available as a spray or a cream.


Each Classic essence is available in 15 ml for $27.95.  For full set of 40 (38 single flowers plus one each of RQ5 and RQ7), please contact us for current market value and shipping time estimate.  Click here for other PHI products available through Healing Waters.

If you don't want to use the Shopping Cart links, go to Ordering Instructions for alternatives. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal.  (For your browsing convenience, the ordering instructions page will open in a new window.)   Orders are also accepted at 1-505-934-3861 and by email.  If you are a repeat customer and none of your information has changed, we can process the order for you with just a list of products, brands, and sizes. 

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