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Carnivorous Plant Essence List


Butterwort / Alpenfettkraut (Alpenfettkraut)

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Cleanses us at all energy levels, thereby removing those emotional poisons that result from negative thought patterns or excessive criticism and self-doubt. When burdened by negative thought, this essence helps us extract their harmful energy from both body and aura.


Sundew / Sonnentau (Sonnentau)

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Helps free us from old negative karmic patterns by bringing past experiences back into consciousness so we can release them with love and understanding. This helps raise our overall energy vibration.


Venus Fly Trap / Venus Fliegenfalle (Venus Fliegenfalle)

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When we feel trapped in a situation and cannot see any way out, this essence helps us develop a broader perspective so that we recognize the relativity of our circumstances. Helps us solve what appear to be insoluble problems.



Each Carnivorous Plant Essence is available in 15 ml for $27.95Click here for other PHI products carried by Healing Waters.

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