African Flower Essence Descriptions


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(Aloe striata)

Aloe / Aloe

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Restores life energies in cases of exhaustion. Restores our inner balance and life force when we are spent.

(Musa paradisiaca L.)

Banana / Banana

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Strengthens Yang energies (masculine, active force). Helps restore male sexual potency. Also helps over-achiever personalities express their true feelings openly so they may set more realistic goals in life.

(Erica arborea - Baumerika)

Tree Heather / Baumerika

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Reduces emotional dependency on others and helps establish one's own independence and self acceptance. For those who tend to live life through others.

(Plumbago auriculata)

Cape Leadwort / Bleiwurz

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Helps set us free from the past, bringing composure when we must address old problems. Its grounding effect allows us to step back and disengage from what's going on around us so we can "let bygones be bygones".

(Eucalyptus globulus)

Blue Gum / Eucalyptus

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Releases and opens us emotionally so we can accept life for what it is, adopting and attitude of "live and let live".

(Monstera deliciosa)

Swiss Cheese Plant / Fensterblatt

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Strengthens, integrates and balances Yang (active)energy and male potency. Helps us accept our Yang (masculine) side.

(Sonchus acaulis)

Milk Thistle / Gänsedistel

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Relaxes us and dissolves tensions in stormy times. Helps us gather our thoughts calmly so we don't "overreact" emotionally. Highly effective when combined with massage oils.

(Geranium perforatum)

Geranium / Geranie

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When every-day life seems dull and gray, this essence restores our inner joy and zest for life. Releases us from negative emotional bonds; adds color to our life.

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Reinforces our "life energy," thus helping rebuild the body's immune system when it is low. Can be used as a preventative tonic for travelers.

(Canarina canariensis-Kan.)

Canary Island Bellflower / Kanarische Kletterglockenblume

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Helps integrate the Yin (feminine, receptive) side of one's nature. Provides confidence and security in difficult situations and helps us to develop and admit tender feelings.

(Artemisia arvensis-Kan. Wermut)

Artemisia / Kanarischer Wermut

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Regenerates our life force energy when it's been depleted after a lengthy illness or a long period of emotional distress. Helps us recover from exhaustion or deep emotional wounds.

(Cocus nucifera)

Coconut Palm / Kokspalme

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Helps us accept our inner sensitivity while recognizing the need for external protection. Especially for those who need to develop clear boundaries while maintaining personal harmony and sensitivity.

(Mimosa pudica)

Touch-Me-Not (Sensitive Plant) / Mimose

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Allows us to discover our inner richness and to feel our inner light as we become aware of our personal power. Useful for those who are introverted and who need to open up to the rest of the world.

(Echium vulgare)

Common Viper's Bugloss / Natternkopf

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Enables us to recognize that humor and friendliness take us further than a grim sense of duty or discipline. Develops our warm-hearted side and teaches us that a smile can often open doors.

(Strelizia regine)

Bird of Paradise / Paradiesvogeblume

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Helps us discover our true "inner beauty," regardless of outward appearances. Teaches us to accept ourselves as we are and to follow our inner vision unerringly.

(Narcissus bulbocodium)

Petticoat Daffodil / Reifrocknarzisse

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Allows us to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" when we feel surrounded by depths of darkness and may have given up hope. Helps us to regain self-confidence and radiate happiness.

(Hibiscus rosa sinensis)

Chinese Hibiscus / Roseneibisch

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Helps us integrate the Yin (feminine, receptive) side of our nature and allows it to vibrate within our being once more. Renews contract with the power and richness of their feminine sexuality for women.

(Echium wildpreti)

Viper's Bulges / Tachinaste weiss

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Restores our ability to meet life's challenges head-on, feeling us from limiting thoughts and returning us to the road of success. Use it whenever you are tempted to "give up" on something or someone.

(Euphorbia pulcherrima)

Poinsettia / Weihnachtsstern

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Brings the energies of the heart (4th chakra) and throat (5th chakra) closer together so that we may express what we truly feel inside. helps us talk freely about our feelings to others.

(Cistrus albidus)

White-leaved Rock Rose (Sun Rose) / Zistrose

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Strengthens our inner resolve so that we remain centered and able to persuade others in a group to follow us. Assists those who lack self-assertiveness or "backbone".


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