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Introduction to PHI Essences BV (formerly Korte PHI)

Flowers are the ultimate expression of the plant kingdom. Apart from their beauty, color and scent, we know today that flowers also emit subtle vibrations and energies, which can be distinguished in a close study of their aura. 

The very shape and color of each flower is a distinct reflection of the frequency of vibration which is created by light. Thanks to a very simple but delicate process, we can access these energy patterns which can help human beings as well as plants and animals regain their natural state of harmony. 

Our intuitive experiments have led us to devise a new way of preparing these essences.

The Original Crystal Method of Preparing Essences

This original method dispenses with the need to pick the plants, leaving each flower and every plant absolutely intact. Through this method the crystal transmits the vibrations of the flowers directly into the water that acts as a liquid medium. Just as in photography a light sensitive film captures a given image, this method allows the subtle energy of the flower to be brought to the crystal, and then the flower vibrations are stocked in the water. The essences prepared this way are of a high vibrational quality. Essences are not a conventional biochemical medicine in that they do not act on physical symptoms or psychical disorders, but they help us release the dissonant energy patterns causing the disorder and accompany us on our spiritual evolution. 

These essences contain flowers', orchids' and gems' positive energy patterns and it is for this reason that, unlike orthodox medicine, the Korte PHI essences do not need a medical prescription. They can be described as inner catalysts or vitamins for the soul. Their purpose is to unite the mind, body and soul in harmony.

Using the Essences

All PHI essences are sold in stock bottles. This stock concentrate can be used pure or diluted to dosage strength. Essences are not physical substances but energetic solutions and as a result they need to be carefully stored. We recommend that they be kept in a cool and dark place away from any electro-magnetic field. They are most effective when taken first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 

We recommend, and this is particularly important when working with the orchids, that each essence chosen be tested before use. This may be done by pendulum, kinesiology or pulse control. For more details, please refer to the book - Amazonian Gem & Orchid Essences -Korte/Hofmann. 

These essences can be taken orally as well as applied externally, on the chakras and on the skin. They can also be added to your bath. Please remember that alcohol is used to preserve these essences: therefore we recommend that they be diluted in a glass of water when given to children. They can also be given to domestic animals. 


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