by Isha Lerner

All Power of Flower Healing Essences made from pristine pure organic wild flowers in their natural habitat. Our flower essences are made using the sun/water method devised by the late Edward Bach in the late 1930's. They include brandy, the traditional preservative.

One half ounce stock bottle remedies are made from the original Mother Stock. Stock essences may be taken directly from the bottle, or, may be diluted by adding seven drops of the stock essence into a one ounce dropper bottle filled with one teaspoon brandy and spring water.

You may also take the stock bottle essence directly from the bottle by dropping three to five drops under your tongue. Your stock bottle will last much longer if you choose to prepare the remedy bottles; however, you will receive the same healing benefits either way you choose to work with your stock bottle essence.

Flower Essence Attunement
When administering flower essences for your own use or when assisting others, attune first with your own intuitive wisdom and guidance, Flower essences are not to be used as a complex medicine, There is not a wrong or a right way to take flower essences. The gentle healing properties of the remedies will do no harm. Trust in your own inner knowledge and enjoy the essences as you would a beautiful walk or stroll in nature.

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Flower Essence Blends Descriptions

A Child's Blend

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Illumines the treasure of the soul's original gift and beauty.

A Child’s Blend is perfect for children and adults alike who wish to engage with the original gifts and talents of their True Self. This blend inspires joy, love, and the acceptance of individuation, helping one to bring to earth their own special gifts.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Buttercup, Shooting Star, Sophie’s Rose, amd Zinnia

Alchemy Blend

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The pure beauty of this blend is derived from the sublime combination of the rainbow qualities of the Iris, the passion and light of the Orchid, the heart vibration of the Rose, and the principles of sacred wisdom that is derived from the Lotus. The Rose grounds those qualities of light into the stream of life and into the body. This essence is best used when seeking to embody the physics of sacred love and wisdom on a cellular lever.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Iris, Lotus, Orchid, and Rose

Arise and Awaken Blend

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It is time to Arise and Awaken!

This blend is made with the harmonic energies of the New Cycles. Allow this healing blend to penetrate into the deepest places of the soul to heal all matters of the heart.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Silversword, Sagebrush, Snapdragon, and Morning Glory

Brighten Your Day Blend (formerly Anti-depressant Blend)

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Brighten Your Spirits Naturally

Anti-Depressant Blend is a natural way to alleviate depression and the general feelings of hopelessness, despair, melancholy, and negativity. It brightens the soul force with a sunny-like radiance and opens the inner doors to visions of new hope, refreshed anticipation, and clarity. It is not advised as an alternative to a prescription drug for severe depression and anxiety, but may be used in tandem. This is a tried and true remedy that is made with all original Bach Flowers.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Wild Rose, Mustard, Gentian, Gorse, and Crab Apple

Clear the Aura Blend

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Body/Mind/Spirit Purification

Clear the Aura Blend can be taken orally or put in a spray bottle with fresh water and used as a mist to clean the air in homes and office spaces. It is incredible. It cleans and revitalizes old energy, negative or dense energy, and cleanses the body inside and out. Very good for healing professionals who wish to keep their office space clean and clear.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Apple Blossom, Pink Yarrow, Crab Apple, and Sagebrush

Earth Alignment Blend

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This very special blend is the Power of Flowers Rescue blend. It was created especially for our family of friends in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami occurrence. We feel it is best for humanity to share in the healing of our planet by clearing fear and shock within our own body. The Earth Alignment Blend is best used when dealing with crisis, fear, and when an individual isungrounded due to shock, turmoil, and stress.

The flowers combined to make this essence are:Angelica, Aspen, Borage, Dandelion, and Star of Bethlehem

Guys Rock

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Shine! Share yourself.

We love this blend for men and women who want to remain strong and independent but are looking for the inner grace to allow receptivity and sensitivity to thrive. This essence is for all people who want to clear the veil of patriarchal illusion and dance with the light of a new consciousness.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Silversword, Rose, Sunflower, and Sagebrush

Happy Child Blend

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A child loves rhythm, steadiness, and safety.Most of us thrive on what is known and the familiarity of secure surroundings. Modern life, however, is filled with the challenges of new experiences on a regular basis. This remedy is designed for the child (or adult) who finds the activity of time away from home, the energy of a stressful schedule unsettling, and the up and downs of life taxing. If you have a sensitive child such as this, we have a formula for your child. (and adults, too!)

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Buttercup, Mariposa Lily, and Shooting Star

Heal the Body Image

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Heal Body Image Blendis for people who suffer from poor self-image, are discontent with their body and are very critical with the way they look. Our culture has placed high value on outer appearance creating a false illusion of perfection. It’s imperative the individual clear the thoughts of shame, judgment, and self effacement that accompanies low self esteem and body image. One may rise to accept beauty within and without and come to accept the grace of age and the imperfections that make us human and real.

Contains: Apple Blossom, Manzanita, Pacific Madrone and Ponderosa Pine

Heal the Heart Blend

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Heal the Heart Blend soothes and comforts those who have lost a loved one, a relationship, and have been heart-broken in some manner. This remedy is perfect for those who have been carrying deep grief within and is now ready to release and free it. It brings peace to the soul and eases the anxiety held in the solar plexus. This blend gently heals all matters of the heart including divorce and heartache due to relationship stress, as well as mends the aura around the heart chakra due to childhood trauma.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Bleeding Heart, Nootka Rose, Purple Crocus, and Fuchsia

Healer's Blend

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Enhances Intuition and Insight

Healer’s Blend is for those who are opening their intuition and healing channels. It assists one to listen to the voice of wisdom from deep within as a means to strengthen their ability to serve and heal themselves and others. This is a wonderful remedy for all progressive and interactive healers who are bridging a new alliance between purpose and spirit.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Oriental Poppy, Silversword, and Cat’s Ear

Intimacy Blend

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This blend restores and builds trust within a committed relationship.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Calla Lily, Passion Flower, Rose, and Monkeyflower

Iris Heaven Blend

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We have created a blend that is profoundly effective and relevant during this evolutionary shift in consciousness around the world. We’ve named it “Iris Heaven” in honor of the link the Iris carries between the moist, inner terrain of our unconscious and the light-filled aspirations of our budding consciousness. In a broader sense, Iris Heaven embodies the principles of a “Rainbow Consciousness.”

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Abbeville Red/Nelsonii Iris, Red iFulva Bayou Iris, Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurlea Iris, and Silversword

Karmic Imprint Blend

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The Karmic Imprint Blend has been created to assist those in the process of unlayering the deep memory patterns of karmic imprint that have been stored in the tissue of the body. During this transformational phase from 2011 through 2014 we wanted to provide a blend that could uplift yet directly assist the process of deep karmic healing. Walnut has been added for transition and Sagebrush serves to cleanse the aura and free it from the illusion of the soul's suffering. Rosemary works primarily on the crown chakra with delicate precision as a means to clear the pathways to High Self communication. Angel's Trumpet ushers in liberation and consciousness aiding the process of evolution.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Angel's Trumpet, Purple Water Lily, Rosemary, Sagebrush, and Walnut

Letting Go of the Past

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Letting Go of the Past Blend helps to “let go” of attachment to the material world, people, and the past which can keep us locked in limitation, pain, and suffering. The individual who chooses to hang onto the past, addictions, relationships, etc. that no longer serve become tense, rigid, and toxic with fear. This dynamic blend assists and encourages true liberation and freedom from the past. The ability to move forward and toward a productive future will follow.

Contains: Angel’s Trumpet, Black Cohosh, Dandelion, and Sagebrush

Light Body Blend

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Light Body Blend utilizes the radiant light of Hibiscus and Sunflower as an agent that will penetrate the energy system. Combined with water based Purple Water Lily, this flower blend acts as a conduit to connect, like a rainbow, the light filled joy with emotional well being. The magnetic quality of this healing light assists in the absorption of potassium and magnesium; the source of support that activates a healthy balance between the dark and light forces. Ultimately, this blend activates cellular expansion filling the body with joy, compassion, and self realization. As the patterns of the past are resolved your body will feel as though there is a rainbow of light waving through your system.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Hibiscus, Sunflower, and Purple Water Lily

Love Elixir Blend

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Illuminating Divine Love

Love Elixir is the Power of Flower’s own “Love Potion #9.” It is for those who are now ready to open their hearts to love and sexuality on a higher plane or vibration. It is a tremendous remedy for couples to take together as a means to inspire soul intimacy and trust. This remedy is also used for those who are healing old scars regarding issues of sexuality. It heals, uplifts and opens the heart.

The love elixir is especially helpful for communication and trust issues. With the added Evening Primrose this essence blend enhances an awareness of how we use our language and verbal skills with our partner. This essence softens the edge so that we may find harmony in our associations with the beloved.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Calla Lily, Rose, Evening Primrose, and Yellow Monkey Flower

Mother Nurture Blend

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This flower essence blend has been made to nourish and nurture you and the ones you love.

This blend nurtures those in need of the embrace of the mother energies. It brings balance and harmony to the complexities of home, work and personal nourishment. We are busy people! Nourish your soul!

Great for parents and children to take at the same time as a means to extend the gift of mutual nurturing.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Pomegranate, Mariposa Lily, Silversword, and Nootka Rose

New Life Blend

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On Isha's travels to Japan in 2010 the group she was teaching united to create a global blend for healing. It was an inspiring event with many minds and hearts coming together to create the New Life Blend. This blend offers the perfect balance to assist with change, transformation and growth while simultaneously offering peace, trust, and acceptance. We are thrilled with this blend and have found it to be effective in our daily lives. We now offer New Life to you!

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Buttercup, Fig, Mountain Pride, Sagebrush, and Sunflower

Passion Blend

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This exceptional remedy serves as a natural sexual stimulant for those in need of a boost.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Lotus, Hibiscus, and Orchid

Purification of Emotion

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Purification of Emotion Blend assists in clearing emotional trauma, whether from childhood, or past experiences. This requires courage, stamina, and willingness to delve into painful memories. This healing blend gets to the deep issues in need of clearing while offering a light field of protection. The individual is able to release grief, issues of abandonment, and lack of nourishment. Breathing becomes easier and the core above and below the heart chakra opens into light.

Contains: Fuchsia, Purple Crocus, White Crocus and White Magnolia

Purpose & Destiny Blend

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Follow Your Path with Courage and Insight

Purpose and Destiny Blend inspires one to manifest their career and creative dreams with focus and intention, strengthens an understanding of leadership, and motivates the individual to visualize and reach their goals.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Mountain Pride, Larkspur, Sunflower, and Indian Paintbrush

Radiance Blend

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Feel the attraction and recharge the body with joy and fulfillment!

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Morning Glory, Sunflower, and Silversword

Radiant Self Blend

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Actualizing Your Creative Potential

Radiant Self Blend acts as a paint brush to the soul. It opens the channel for creativity, self expression, and moistens the interior of the being so that one is able to feel and flow with the waters of their own creative stream. Very useful for artists, writers, and all who wish to engage with inspiration on all levels.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Iris, Indian Paintbrush, and Shooting Star

Venus Activation Blend

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We have done it! We’ve created what we think is a perfect blend to assist humanity during the Venus Activation process. At this stage in our evolution, may your heart be increasingly opened to all the love that is available to you now, streaming in from the farthest reaches of our solar system and beyond.

This is a remarkable time to be alive as together we lift the veil that has long separated us from our ability to Love fully in our embodied state. Our potential is without limit as we embrace the blessings of the Cosmic Star of Love, Venus, open our hearts and find the sweet surrender of Love within our daily lives. In doing so, we will thrive beyond measure, forgive, accept our limitations and caress our own creative spirit with newfound conviction. It is time to engage in a Planetary Renaissance of the Heart.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Silversword, Nootka Rose, Red iFulva Iris, Indian Paintbrush, and Apple Blossom

Wise Man Elixir Blend

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Illumines the Divine Male Within

Wise Man Blend is for men and women who wish to engage with courage and personal empowerment with a readiness to accept the call to service and action. The remedy aligns the individual to a higher destiny regarding purpose and power. It activates a healing regarding father issues and strengthens trust in ones’ ability to accept the role of authority in the world with grace and goodwill.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Saguaro Cactus, Sunflower, and Silversword

Wise Woman Elixir Blend

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Illumines the Divine Feminine within, assisting with transition stages for women.

Wise Woman Blend is for women and men alike who wish to engage with the nurturing, wise, and intuitive aspects of the Divine Feminine. One is able to access the deep reservoir of strength and illumined vision held within the body, for it is our birthright to engage with and restore the receptive wisdom of the ‘Wise Woman’ within. This remedy is for people of all ages who feel a divine connection to the guardianship of the Crone.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Queen of the Night Cactus, Sagebrush, and Star Tulip

Yoga Blend

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Yoga Blend aligns and strengthens the spine, relaxes the nerves and stimulates an opening to one’s higher channels of inspiration and meditation.

The flowers combined to make this essence are:Lotus, Cat’s Ear, Lavender, and Silversword

You Go, Girl!

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Step up and be all you can be. Glow, create, be happy, and get up and move!!!

You Go, Girl! is perfect for women needing empowerment and guidance as they navigate the terrain of creativity and new adventure. Zinnia is for radical happiness, Iris is the paint brush of the soul, Morning Glory wakes you up to your dreams, and Hibiscus opens the channels of passion. Go ahead and step up!

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Zinnia, Hibiscus, Morning Glory, and Iris

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