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Healing Waters store brand

by Tanmaya


Chakra Set

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Each description in the Chakra Set includes a Haiku chosen by Tanmaya, who chose to use Haikus rather than affirmations as a meditation for the chakras, as a haiku in the hands of a Zen Master is a verbal pictorial image that takes one deeper and deeper into the present, into awareness. Affirmations may help to change belief patterns or recondition the mind, but awareness is a space of infinite potential.

Leycestra formosa

Down to Earth - (Root Chakra)

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Enhances life force energy, connection with the earth. Helps with ungroundedness, low energy, anxiety around material existence. Enhances sexual energy, life energy, connection with the earth. Helps with low libido, wounds around sexuality. Ungroundedness, anxiety around material existence, subtle or hidden fears, stress, sluggishness and lack of drive. In cases of anxiety around material existence, can give a sense of stability and simply taking things one step at a time. Attunement to life's natural rhythms, progressing with ease, not forcing.

Child waiting earthbound
Cloud sparrow
Higher and Higher


Erysimum Melicentae

Well Being - (Hara)

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Enhances connection with one's power, centering, stimulating creativity and integrating emotions. Enhances feminine sexuality. This chakra is the storehouse of energy and the centre for transforming base energy. Helps diffuse internalised anger, birth traumas, fear of death, imbalance of emotions. Allows one to simply be.

Around the hearth
The smile that bids us welcome
Is also a farewell


Caltha Palustris var. himalensis

Strength - (Solar Plexus)

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Enhances one's individuality, personal creativity, sincerity, honesty, self-worth; ability to express oneself in the material world. Self-love, self-identity, power of manifestation. Helps overcome self-doubt, inability to express ones innate creativity. Dispels feelings of insecurity, lack of personal power, lack of direction in life, lack of motivation, hopelessness, depression, oppression. Helps release early childhood conditioning patterns.

Invited by our parents
We came here
As temporary guests,
And without remaining mind,
We go back to our native place


Rosa Webbiana

Ecstasy - (Heart Chakra)

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Enhances love, compassion, sincerity, truthfulness, depth of feelings, feeling of expansion and universal love, service and sharing. Empathy with all living things, transpersonal love. Experience the fullness of 'the empty heart'.

Helps in cases of rigidity, contraction, bitterness, jealousy, feeling unloved, overly critical of others, disillusioned, lack of trust, withholding and irritability.

Virtue and compassion together
Make up each one's integrity.
Nothing that comes through the gate
From outside
Can be a family treasure.
Throwing away the whole pile
In your heart,
With empty hands you come,
Bringing salvation

Delphiniium Incanum

Authenticity - (Throat Chakra)

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Enhances expression, verbal communication, creativity, appreciation of aesthetics, pleasure and beauty, refined experience, questing, seeking, singing, sharing ideas, stimulating dreams, imagination, conviction, self-authority, embracing humanity.

Helps in cases of timidity, shyness, fear of speaking one's truth, difficulty in communication, stress, tension, apprehension, claustrophobia, lack of conviction, stage fright, rigidity or unwillingness to change.

An old pine tree preaches wisdom
And a wild bird
Is crying out truth

(A Zen Poet)

Parochetus Communis


Clarity - (Third Eye Chakra)

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Enhances clarity, awareness, sharpness of intellect, perception, intuition, sense of spirituality, insight, clairvoyance, meditation, concentration, understanding, dominion, ability to see into the heart of things, bliss, sense of universal self. Helps with poor concentration, unawareness, lack of clarity, direction. Can help headaches, balances excess sexual energy. Dispels isolation, alienation, meaninglessness.

I have slept by the cold window and come back from the land of dreams.
The eye of my mind has opened by itself, with no need of the morning star.
All of heaven and earth hold up this mountain covered with snow.
Where in the world is there a place for Shakyamuni to practice?


Mazus Surculosus


Flight - (Crown Chakra)

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Enhances oneness, meditation, prayer, sense of the formless, dissolving into the infinite. Connection with one's higher self, union of mind body and spirit. Helps with feelings of separateness, isolation, lack of meaning, feelings of insignificance.

In the thin light after sunset
He climbs to the temple
At the summit


Jasminum Officiale


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Enhances universal love, brotherhood, universal sharing, wonder, awe. Helps with egocentric, selfish, and judgemental attitudes. Gives receptivity and acceptance of the beauty of one-self and others. A small quantity of gratefulness is used in the bottling of all HFE stock essences as a catalyst to each of the enhancers

The moon in the pine tree,
And with the cuckoo,
Ah, how glorious

(A Zen Poet)

Transformation Set
Gulaga Crystal Clarity

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This box set of 8 Himalayan Flower Enhancers is a group of essences to be used as an aid to rapid transformation and restructuring, both on a personal and organizational level.

Gulaga triggers an awareness of what no longer serves in one's life, and awakens the strength to change. The other seven essences support the process – helping create a smoother unfolding and integration – with courage, love and acceptance.

Cedar deodora


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Gives grounding and courage, stability, strength and vitality. Encourages deep roots into the earth so one’s branches can reach high into the sky.

Cephalanthera longifolia

White Orchid

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Opens the higher octaves of the heart chakra, accessing love and acceptance.



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A powerful essence for transformation. Ruthlessly exposing and clearing away all that is no longer appropriate or serving us on our journey. Realigning us with our life’s purpose.
Made during a solar eclipse from a red mushroom at the sacred site on Gulaga Mountain, on the far South Coast of Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Hackelia Uncinata

Let Go

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Aids acceptance and letting go into the process of change.

Aesculus Indica


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Assists in transition, giving strength and resilience in times of inner turmoil.

Primula Denticulata


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Deconditioning on a cellular level. Where there is a conscious intention to change conditioned attitudes and behavioural patterns, this essence helps erase outmoded imprints from the cells.

Primula Macrophylla

Nirjara 2

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Deconditioning, particularly in the mental body. Helps dissolve old thought forms and patterns that are no longer appropriate, allowing one to be in the emptiness of the moment. Supporting a fresh response to life’s experiences – unencumbered by expectations and fears based on the past.

Quartz Crystal

Gulaga Crystal

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Aligns the mind, crystallises intention, grounds new vision, strengthens resolve. Brings lightness, clarity and joy to complete the transition process initiated by the Gulaga essence.



Sizes and Prices for this brand:

Single Flower Enhancer are 1/2 oz (15 ml) for $17.50
Chakra Set and Transformation Set are $125.00 ea.
Astro Essence are 1/2 oz (15 ml) for $17.50

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