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Combination Essence Descriptions


Baby Blues

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Supporting emotional change after birth

Women are often unprepared for the impact of childbirth. Overpowering emotions, anxiety, and irritation from disturbed sleep patterns and extreme tiredness may lead to feelings of inadequacy, of being unable to cope. Tap inner reserves of energy, resilience and strength to find inner peace despite the relentless demands of mothering.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Ancient Yew, Balsam, Gorse, Holy Thorn, Scottish Primrose, Sea Rocket, Snowdrop and Wintergreen.



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Open up naturally to conscious birthing

Anxiety, fear or self-limiting belief patterns can hinder the ability to relax and yield to the natural, rhythmic processes of birthing. Realise inner calm and strength of purpose to give birth in peace and with mindfulness. Findhorn Flower Essences of Balsam, Cabbage, Grass of Parnassus, Hazel, Ladys Mantle, Scottish Primrose and Stonecrop.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Balsam, Cabbage, Grass of Parnassus, Hazel, Ladys Mantle, Scottish Primrose and Stonecrop.


Bon Voyage Drops (formerly Jetstream)

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Bon Voyage - Travel can upset and disturb natural rhythms. Find balance to cope with motion and calm to overcome claustrophobia or fear and arrive feeling ‘ready to go’.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Daisy, Sycamore, Scots Pine, Scottish Primrose, Wild Pansy and Sea Rocket


Bon Voyage Pillule

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Place a pill under your tongue to help you remain calm and centred during times of disorientation, and offset the stress and fatigue associated with travelling.

[Pillule form is ideal for travelling as it complies with air travel security regulations. 85 doses in a 100 ml container.]

Item also found on Sale Page!



Calm Me Down

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Focus dynamic energy into intelligent creative activity

Foster calmness of mind and body through self-mastery of negative emotions that impede clear thinking, concentration, and presence of mind. Integrating mental and emotional bodies aids the ability to pay attention and channel energies into right action.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Bell Heather, Daisy, Lady's Mantle, Laurel, Monkeyflower, Wild Pansy, Willowherb


Clear Light

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The Clear Light combination brings about a peaceful state of mind, mental clarity and brightness, which greatly aids in meditation. When heart, body and mind are still and aligned, a clear channel is created whereby the intuition, Higher Self and Higher (or Universal) Mind can be contacted.

Through highest aspiration one can receive inner guidance and help from the Spiritual World, and live life in accordance with one’s purpose and the Divine Plan.

Broom stimulates mental clarity and concentration.  River Findhorn helps to connect with the Source, freeing the Self from personality limitations.  Wild Pansy enhances receptivity and the flow of higher wisdom into the heart.  Birch brings light to the mind and clarity of inner vision.  Scots Pine increases the ability to listen, receive inner guidance and find directions in life.  Rose Alba facilitates the positive, active expression of the guidance received. 

Energy Shield

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Energy Shield is a combination of flower essences of Scottish Primrose, Watercress, Wild Pansy and Wintergreen; gem essences of Hematite and Diamond and element essences of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. It was formulated to both protect and cleanse the energy field from harmful environmental influences.




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Eros can assist in arousing and heightening sexual sensitivity, passion and pleasure. United in love with respect for the duality of male and female, opposites unite and synthesize their energies in compassionate, loving intimacy, ecstatic awareness and mutual pleasure.

Elder helps to reveal and radiate one’s true beauty, vibrancy and vitality.  Balsam brings the experience of intimacy, and of loving and nurturing the physical body.  Gorse stimulates enthusiasm, passion and enjoyment.  Grass of Parnassus promotes openness, tenderness, sensitivity and sharing.  Rose Alba encourages potent, creative self expression.  Sea Pink balances and harmonizes the energy flow between opposites.  Sycamore helps to tap inner reserves of strength, softness and flexibility.  Holy Thorn opens the heart to love and acceptance and compassionate loving intimacy. 

Eros is also avalable as Spray, Gel and Cream.



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Beneficial in helping to restore emotional wellbeing and balance and providing support for women’s issues and cycles.

Balsam:  acceptance, love and nourishment the physical body. Holy thorn: love and acceptance of the emotional body. Sea Rocket: replenishment during periods of dryness. Scottish Primrose: reestablishing inner harmony and peace. Rowan: releasing stored tension and pain.



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Creation of a new heart and soul

Stress and emotions can adversely affect hormone levels, impeding the natural processes of conception. Release unconscious or deep repressed emotions and blocks and open the heart to love, intimacy and spontaneous creativity.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Ancient Yew, Balsam, Grass of Parnassus, Holy Thorn, Hawthorn, Lichen and Sea Rocket.


First Aid

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Calming, soothing combination offering immediate relief in any crisis. Used in cases of stress, trauma or shock on the physical, emotional or mental level, it can help to relieve associated fear and aid in the release of tension and pain.

Daisy brings feelings of calmness, protection and centredness. Scottish Primrose helps to anchor the life energy in the heart, and promotes relaxation and feelings of peace and love.  Bell Heather is stabilizing, fostering trust and self-confidence.  Thistle gives courage to take positive action in facing any difficulty or emergency. Also available in Aloe Vera Gel for external application.

First Aid is also avalable as Gel and Cream.


Go With the Flow (was "Move Freely")

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Enjoy the freedom of movement

When limitations that restrict ease of movement hold us back, relax, release, and go wth the flow. Access inner reserves that stimulate resilience, flexibility, and graceful, effortless motion.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Cabbage, Globethistle, Hazel, Holy Thorn, Ragged Robin, Rowan, Stonecrop, Sycamore, Watercress, Willowherb


Healing the Cause

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Strength and support to get well

Deep-seated or long-standing negative emotions hinder the ability to get well. By accepting responsibility for our health, misfortunes can be seen as agents for beneficial change. Surrender obstacles to wholeness and well-being and heal the past and sources of suffering.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Ancient Yew, Gorse, Lichen, Monkeyflower, Rowan, Snowdrop, Sycamore, Watercress


Heart Support 

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Aids in issues connected with the heart including the trauma associated with heart problems, or shock to the heart chakra due to grief or crisis in relationships. It it also supportive during times of major life changes.

Scottish Primrose: inner peace when confronted with crisis. Stonecrop: in times of transformation, to embrace change. ROWAN: releasing past negative habits and stored tension and emotional pain Grass of Parnassus: opening the heart to the healing power of love. Holy Thorn: love and acceptance of ourselves. Wild Pansy: clear and balance distorted energy patterns, reestablishing the flow and circulation.  Gorse: lightheartedness and joy.


Holy Grail

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Holy Grail essence enables us to contain and embody spirit in our physical form, hence able to share it with others. We are empowered to empty all that is unreal from the chalice of our being, and to integrate and harmonize our physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual bodies, bringing them into alignment and synthesis.

When we are attuned on all levels—body, mind and soul—our essential nature is revealed and we become a vessel for the holy spirit.

Balsam allows us to experience love and acceptance of the physical bodies we have chosen to incarnate into as souls. We feel fully present in the world and express love and intimacy in all our relationships.  Globe-thistle helps us willingly sacrifice non-essentials in our quest for wholeness.  Lady's-Mantle brings awareness of the infinite knowledge and wisdom available to us through the cosmos.  Rose Alba is the essence of positive outgoing creative expression, allowing us to reflect the power of our true nature in words and action.


Inner Child

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Nurturing our Inner Child

When we react from childhood emotional wounds and attitudes, our experiences of the past dictate how we respond to life today. By releasing the emotional grief, we can change our behaviour patterns and honour the child we were, in order to love the person we are.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Daisy, Grass of Parnassus, Gorse, Harebell, Ladys Mantle, Sea Holly and Wintergreen.


Karma Clear

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This combination aids awareness of the karmic causes of life’s predicaments and ailments. Through foresight of the future and understanding of the past, the cause of suffering is illuminated, and attachments which bring about pain, unhappiness and disease may be released.

Birch helps to gain insight into the past and future, enabling understanding of the cause of the problem.  Snowdrop gives new hope and facilitates transition into the light through surrender and detachment.  Rowan releases resentment and pain and heals old wounds. It supports the ability to forgive oneself and others.  Holy-Thorn opens the heart to love, acceptance, compassion and understanding.


Life Force

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Life Force is an excellent combination to help overcome tiredness, apathy and burn-out. It revitalises and strengthens immunity and generates vibrancy and energy.

Gorse brings vitality, enthusiasm and joy. Elder stimulates the body’s natural powers of rejuvenation and renewal.  Sycamore helps to tap into inner reserves of strength.  Valerian serves to lift the spirits and to rediscover delight and happiness in living.  Grass of Parnassus increases the ability to receive and transform the energies that are available from the universal source.


Light Being

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Be content and enjoy life

Uplifting the spirits when feelings of despair, sadness, or hopelessness weigh down on the soul. Identifying with a greater sense of purpose and nurturing an optimistic outlook on life, contentment and happiness can be achieved in the present moment.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Gorse, Holy Thorn, Rose Water Lily, Snowdrop, Spotted Orchid, Valerian, Wintergreen



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Discovering the secret of the masculine soul

Many men today feel caught up in cultural and traditional roles and expectations, want to get in touch with their own deeper natures and find ways to free their feeling nature. The willingness to move from power to love reveals a man strong enough to accept his vulnerability and to be authentic.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Cabbage, Globe thistle, Grass of Parnassus, Holy Thorn, Lime, Rose Alba and Sea Holly.



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Manifesting an abundance of wellbeing

Foster a sense of inner security and align with the Source of universal, limitless supply. Firstly through faith and belief in yourself, and the inner knowing that to manifest your dreams and goals all the power and intelligence and love that I need is already mine.  Recognise this inherent power and follow the keys to success: 

  • work with the spiritual laws of money and abundance 
  • experience the abundance in your life and give thanks
  • magnetise inner resources needed to implement a plan and attract your heart's desire ('hold the vision')
  • build towards manifesting your ideas and ideals
  • affirm creative abundance
  • follow your inner guidance and intuition

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Bell Heather, Elder, Harebell, Laurel, and Sea Rocket.

Prosperity is also avalable as Spray.


Psychic Protection 

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To help protect the emotional body against negative forces which impact on our Solar Plexus chakra from other people’s negative thought forms; or in overwhelming or crowded situations when mass thought forms may be negative, e.g., due to media influence, cynicism, etc.

Daisy: remaining centred and protected in turbulent situations. Thistle: accessing inner strength and courage. Rose Alba: patience persistence and perseverance to deal with the situation. Ione Pennywort: for invoking the protective Light of Spirit. Watercress: transforming and purifying negative energies while strengthening the body’s defenses.

Psychic Protection is also avalable as Spray.  


Seasonal Affections

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Sunshine in the soul when feeling under the weather

When suffering from intolerances and irritations, release emotional congestion and discomfort. Feel protected and supported, no matter the season or the climate of the times.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Birch, Elder, Globethistle, Gorse, Ragged Robin, Scots Pine, Snowdrop, Sycamore, Watercress


Sexual Integrity

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Awaken to loving intimacy

Our sexuality is the most intimate, private aspect of who we are. When betrayal of trust and affection causes sexual trauma, it can be difficult to feel relaxed with touch and express and receive love through physical contact. Break old patterns and learn how to channel sexual energy in ways that nurture the body as well as the soul.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Balsam, Daisy, Globe thistle, Holy Thorn, Lichen, Rowan and Scottish Primrose.


Spiritual Marriage

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This combination facilitates the integration, control of fluidity and synthesis of the dualities found in every human being -- between head and heart, mind and love, will and wisdom, male and female.

Stability and balance between the pairs of opposites, achieved through the qualities of cohesion, harmony, expansion and union, releases the potential, freedom and joy of right relationship.

Apple frees the creative willpower. Holy-Thorn opens the heart to love and intimacy and to the expression of the true self. Mallow assists right relationship by the graceful fusion of head and heart, mind and sentience. Sea Pink brings harmony by balancing the energy flow between all energy centres.


Sweet Dreams

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Good night. Sleep well.

Relaxing into deep sleep can be difficult when there are barriers to finding inner peace and serenity. Stuck thoughts or emotions, over-striving, worry, anxiety, fears or tension can overwhelm or unbalance us. As we still and calm our energies and as natural rhythms are restored, we find balance and peace of mind.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Birch, Grass of Parnassus, Lady's Mantle, Scottish Primrose, and Valerian.



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Spontaneity, focus and balance

The transition into adulthood can be fraught with rapid changes in temperament from internal and external influences and pressures. Overcome the limitations that greater self consciousness creates and foster self-acceptance, understanding and confidence.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Garden Pea, Ladys Mantle, Rose Alba, Sea Holly, Sea Pink, Sea Rocket and Spotted Orchid


Transformation (formaly known as Revelation)

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Supporting personal growth and transformation

Choosing transformation means 'shining the light' on what needs to be changed. We can harmonise and transform seemingly opposing parts of ourselves, access inner strength to persevere and stay on course, and willingly make sacrifices which will serve our highest good.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Apple, Grass of Parnassus, Globe Thistle, Iona Pennywort, Sea Pink, Stonecrop and Watercress.


Voice Confidence

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Express and radiate inner beauty and body

Free your expression and let creativity flow by overcoming self-created barriers, inhibitions, or fear of failure. With trust and the motivation to succeed, let the voice be heard loud and clear, and performance reflects poise and self-confidence.

The flowers combined to make this essence are: Elecampane, Garden Pea, Holy Thorn, Lady's Mantle, Rose Alba, Scots Pine, Sea Holly, Thistle

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Elemental and Spiritual Essences Descriptions


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Air element essence works at the level of the 4th or Heart chakra (also 5th) and upholds the intuition and the expression of unconditional love, sympathy, emotional independence and personal refinement.

Strengthening the receptivity of life force in the Heart centre through perceptiveness and objectivity leads to a clear comprehension and discernment and helps in developing dexterity and enterprising skills in intuiting practical solutions.


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The earth element works at the level of the 1st or Base Chakra and embodies the will to be oneself. It represents stability, security, balance and the ability to stand as a human being and move forward.

Strengthening the receptivity of life force in the Base centre through concentration, patience, perseverance and discipline leads to calm dependable grounding of ideas, practicality and material abundance


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The ether element works at the level of the fifth or Throat Chakra (also 6th and 7th) and exists as quintessential life force and concerns the expression of the consciousness.

Strengthening the receptivity of life force in the Throat centre develops the instinctual intuition, accords mental flexibility, creative intelligence and right speech and manifests as spiritual love and the power of synthesis.


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The fire element works at the level of the 3rd or Solar Plexus chakra and stimulates aspiration towards the ideals of the soul through self-confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, passion and the desire to help others

Strengthening the receptivity of life force in the Solar plexus centre through cognition and alertness of mind brings self reliance, courage and leadership skills, increasing vitality in all areas of life and the ability to take forthright action.


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The water element works at the level of the 2nd or Sacral chakra and nurtures love of family, friends and one's group. It fosters empathy, sensitivity and tenderness and the power to create harmonious emotional relationships.

Strengthening the receptivity of life force in the Sacral centre through receptivity, understanding, adaptability and imagination assists in relaxing and maintaining a peaceful and magnetic personality.


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Exaltation works at the level of the 6th orAnja (brow) chakra and coordinates all the other chakras. The soul principle, working through the 'third eye', manifests as the will-to-good and as goodwill through the heart.

Spiritual insight gained through intuition, complete knowledge and comprehension of ideas is expressed throgh the formulation of ideals. When illuminated by loving purpose, the evocation of the will brings forth right spiritual motive. The energies of love and wisdom applied work out in true spiritual activity on the physical plane.

Wesak Blessing

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Wesak Blessing works at the level of the 7th or Crown chakra and precipitates consciousness from the subtle and higher planes into the definite working awareness. This is achieved by opening the spiritual eye to the devine reality and receiving those energies into the head centre. The goal is clear-sightedness, understanding and enlightenment.

The intention and the invocation, in opening to the process of spiritual perception through the intuition and by clear pure light of the devine understanding, can stimulate a vision of the plan. Goals become clear and the desire towards fulfillment of the plan is evoked.

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Spray Descriptions

Eros Spray

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If without self-acceptance it is difficult to love and nurture ourselves or be a loving partner. Relax, enjoy, and be in tune with your body.

Eros is made by combining flower essences of Elder, Balsam, Gorse, Grass of Parnassus, Rose Alba, Sea Pink, Sycamore, Holy Thorn and Rose Oil.

Eros is also avalable as Drops, Gel and Cream.


Prosperity Spray

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Spray your aura and surrounds to create an abundance of well-being. Align with the source of universal, limitless supply and manifest your dreams and goals.

Essences of Bell Heather, Cabbage, Elder, Harebell, Laurel, Rose Alba and Sea Rocket.Pure essential oils of Rose and Frankinsence.

Prosperity is also avalable as Drops.

Psychic Protection Spray

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Many of us are sensitive and susceptible to negative psychic vibrations in the environment or generated by people around us. We may react to these influences on an unconscious level and feel ill at ease or even threatened.

For external use, Psychic Protection Spray creates a protective energy field around us, defending us against dark emotions, outside negativity, and general harmful influences. Once we are protected in this way, we feel more at ease and less vulnerable.

Delicately fragranced with organic essential oils of Rose and Frankincense, Psychic Protection spray is available in a handy lightweight pocket sized atomiser. Carry it with you, and use to spray your aura or personal space at times of vulnerability, and in overwhelming situations.

Psychic Protection is also avalable as Drops.

Sacred Space Spray (formerly Sanctuary Spray)

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Sacred Space is a revitalising and energising space clearing spray.

The five element essences of nature used in the creation of Sacred Space combine and release limitless positive energy, purify the atmosphere, restore balance and initiate great change.

Pure essential oils of Rose Alba, the pure white rose, and Frankincense, release an exquisite delicate fragrance to further enhance the harmonious energy radiating in your space.

Use to refresh and energise your personal space, cleanse and purify your aura, promote happiness and harmony around your home. Bring forth light, clarity and serenity.

Sacred Space can be used to professionally cleanse, purify and clear ‘stuck’ energy, to revitalise and enhance the flow of positive energy in a negative atmosphere.

In the busy work place, negative energy omitted from computers, office equipment and stressed-out colleagues can seriously affect decision-making and our own stress levels. Sacred Space helps transmute the negative energy, restores calm and tranquillity, and creates a more positive atmosphere in which to work.

It centres, grounds and empowers with the invigorating vital life force of the elements - create your very own sacred space - where miracles and magic can happen!

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Gel Descriptions

Eros Gel

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Arousing and Heightening Sexual Sensitivity, Passion & Pleasure

This sensuous gel can be applied to intimate areas and erogenous zones to help heighten sensitivity and pleasure. The flower essences combine with luscious Aloe Vera to help awaken your senses, let you relax and enjoy intimacy. Be wonderfully alluring and express your loving nature.

Eros gel is made with natural organic Aloe Vera and flower essences of Balsam, Elder, Gorse, Grass of Parnassus, Holy-Thorn, Rose Alba and Sea Pink, and Sycamore.

Eros is also avalable as Drops, Spray, and Cream.

First Aid Gel

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Restoring Calmness & Harmony in Times of Stress, Trauma & Pain

Renowned for their calming properties, these flower essences help ease pain and tension. Combined with the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera, this wonderfully soothing gel may help a multitude of skin conditions and ailments, including aches and pains, bruises, minor abrasions and burns, rashes, irritations and insect bites.

First Aid gel is made with natural organic Aloe Vera and flower essences of Daisy, Bell Heather, Scottish Primrose, and Thistle.

First Aid is also avalable as Drops and Cream.

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Cream Descriptions

Beauty Cream (Also known as Rose Beauty Cream)

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With Essential Oil of Rose
Nourishing and Vitalising Natural Moisture

Stimulate natural powers of regeneration and renewal. Protect, tone and soften the skin. Bring to light your true inner beauty.
• a natural moisturiser specially formulated for us on the face
• intensive nourishment
• supports the natural regeneration of your skin
• to hydrate, protect, firm and preserve tone, elasticity and suppleness
• good for dry and mature skin; broken capillaries
• suitable for day and night

Rose essential oil is suitable for all skin types, is a cell rejuvenator and beneficial for dry skin as well as broken capillaries and is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The scent excites and is used to relieve stress and depression.

Eros Skin Care Cream

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With Essential Oils of Sandalwood and Rose
Love and Nourish Your Skin

Relax and nurture yourself. Soothe away troubles and irritations. Be more alluring and feel confident in your skin.

• relaxing, harmonising, gives a feeling of sensuality
• to soothe and heal various skin conditions
• improves skin lustre and appearance
• after-shave to the nerve rich facial area
• proven to be highly effective in helping those with sensitive or irritated skin, skin allergies and conditions such as psoriasis, with some of our customers reporting the best results they have ever seen.

Sandalwood essential oil is helpful for dry, cracked and chapped skin, as well as acne, and as an aftershave. Also beneficial for bronchitis, catarrh, coughs and sore throats. Emotionally, it treats depression, insomnia, nervous tensions and stress.

Eros is also avalable as Drops, Spray, and Gel.

First Aid Cream

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First Aid Cream
Calm, Relax and Comfort your Skin

Calm down and relax. Ease distress, trauma, nervous tension and pain. Balance and soothe body, mind and spirit.

• for stress, nervous tension and pain.
• bruises and sore muscles
• for vitalising and soothing soft tissue distress
If muscles are tight, a gentle massage will help to ease tension
• for conditions where a calming effect would be beneficial
• after sport or exercise to relieve discomfort
• heal various skin conditions: - relieve itching and stinging, cuts, burns and to reduce swelling

First Aid is also avalable as Drops and Gel

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Findhorn 15 ml single flower essences and 30 ml combinations (not Elements or Spiritual) are $20.95.

Elemental and Spiritual Essences are $25.95.

Findhorn Gel is 75 ml for $23.00.

Findhorn Spray is 50 ml for $25.95 and 100 ml for $32.95.

Findhorn Cream is 50 ml for $41.95.

Findhorn Kit is at $990.00.

Marion Leigh's book, Findhorn Flower Essences, is out of print and out of stock.

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