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Imparting a vibrant state of mental coherence and clarity


Primary Indications:

* A foundational remedy for any professional lifestyle that demands high level sustained mental focus and intellectual clarity, such as research, writing, teaching, office management, or public speaking

* For students who are facing major exams or needing to bring intellectual focus to difficult subject matter

* For general dullness and mental lethargy, especially during the daytime; or when sleeping and eating rhythms distort or disrupt mental clarity

* As a supplementary aid for those with a history of learning disorders or mental confusion; along with other appropriate therapies

* During any major project requiring extra forces of mental concentration and clarity

Application Note: Mind-Full is best sprayed on the tongue and misted around the head with eyes closed. It can be taken as often as needed, typically 3-4 times during the period of most mental activity.

The Mind-Full formula features:

Cosmos Promotes higher mental function; greater access to the archetypal realm of ideas and their translation into speaking and thinking
Lemon (flower essence & essential oil) Clarifying and purifying; counteracts mental fatigue with refreshing and purifying qualities
Madia Focusing capacity; ability to bring sustained mental concentration to tasks and projects; counteracts tendency toward diffuse or distracted mental behavior
Morning Glory Provides awakening forces; builds deeper rhythms for beneficial waking and sleeping, especially to counteract daytime sluggishness
Nasturtium Helps redirect and balance vital energy, especially when depletion results from over-use of intellectual forces
Peppermint (flower essence & essential oil) Invigoration of mental activity; overcoming mental lethargy due to unbalanced metabolism and digestion
Rabbitbrush Flexible and mobile mental consciousness; capacity to track simultaneous details and hold them within an encompassing field of awareness
Shasta Daisy Ability to bring synergistic insight to thinking; integration of pieces of intellectual information into over-arching concepts

Text by Patricia Kaminski, Photos by Richard Katz

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