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TerrAnoint™ beneficent healing blends of flower essences and essential oils in fractionated coconut oil, designed for direct bodily application to pulse and acupressure points.

These formulations are based on six master blends developed during the last three decades in the private practice of Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director of the worldwide Flower Essence Society. Patricia has observed that in addition to standard oral doses of flower essences, topical applications of flower essences combined with essential oils can help to support or further amplify one’s healing program.

Each formula is a richly layered symphony of flower essences and pure botanical essential oils designed to address diverse structures within the body-soul complex. They offer healing for the most basic issues needing multi-level support and lifestyle boosting during any therapy or wellness program. The TerrAnoint™ formulations are excellent choices for those who are new to flower essences or subtle body healing, as well as supportive aids to those who are deeply immersed in transformative flower essence therapy.

The 9 ml (0.3 fl oz) roll-on applicator bottles for the TerrAnoint™ blends are compact and convenient for home, work or travel. They can be used as needed and applied in countless different ways, whether used solo or in tandem with other healing measures. Because they are applied topically, they will not interfere with oral doses of other flower essences or supplements, while still supporting and augmenting one’s wellness program.

Available individually or in a set of all 6. Read details for each one and application information in the brochure below (please return to this site for purchase!).

TerrAnoint Brochure

General Precaution: All the flower essences and essential oils in the TerrAnoint™ line are formulated for external use only, at levels that are safe to use for the widest possible population. Nevertheless, any individual can be reactive or allergic to a particular ingredient. Sometimes these reactions are brief and are part of the body’s healing response. However, it is always recommended that you test a very small amount of substance on a small patch of skin to familiarize yourself with its properties before using it more widely.

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Each 9ml roll-on is $17.25.

Be Bright

The Be Bright™ TerrAnoint™ Formula is comprised entirely of yellow flowers that characterize various qualities of light and radiance. This flower essence formula is highlighted by the illuminating notes of citrus essential oils, and related essential oils that nourish the light structures of the body-soul complex.

Be Bright™ is indicated for those who suffer from various forms of depression, despondency, or dejection.

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The Connect™ TerrAnoint™ Formula helps us to see beyond the illusion of separation, learning to take risks and build channels of exploration and adventure for social relationships in all aspects of life. The predominant underlying healing theme in this formula involves the ability to listen and to receive, to re-imagine what comes to meet us in the “other.” It cultivates the capacity to be curious, flexible, and open to the many social possibilities that present themselves for the further enrichment and evolution of one’s life.

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By knowing what to exclude and include in our daily lifestyle, we consolidate the essential Core Self, contributing to both physical and psychic health. For many, these boundaries are porous and diffuse, one is not able to discern what makes one strong – whether it be environmental influences, lifestyle choices in eating, sleeping and living, thoughts and beliefs, or social and cultural factors. The Protect™ TerrAnoint™ Formula helps one to initiate and maintain this vital process of discernment and discrimination, so that the Core Self is able to be truly healthy, productive and present in life.

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The sensate world may involve myriad opportunities via the brain/nervous system to taste, touch, see, hear, and smell. But unless one’s over-all sense for life itself takes ground in the depths of being, we feel depleted both physically and soulfully.

The Roots™ TerrAnoint™ Formula helps one learn to identify and embrace the ground of life-being as the foundation of health and happiness. This blend instigates a homing instinct in the deepest core of Self, helping us dive deeper into the foundations of how we eat, live, dwell, work—in essence, how to awake and how to partake in one’s primal Home of Body and Earth.

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The Stress-Less™ TerrAnoint™ Formula addresses the underlying thoughts and energetic responses that contribute to feelings of agitation, anxiety and strain in daily life. When we resist what challenges or confronts us, even greater forms of hardening, tension and rigidity result in the body-soul complex. By learning to name and accept disharmonious or oppositional events in the life, one acquires a deeper ability to release, and respond to stress and ultimately re-claim composure and emotional balance.

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Materialism has many definitions, but for the modern human soul it is particularly characterized by a sense of compression.

The buoyant spaciousness of the soul is an essential component of joy; its absence is the cause of many forms of depression (literally, to suffer from the feeling of being deep-pressed). If the wings of the modern soul are wounded, how then are they mended?

The Wings™ TerrAnoint™ Formula encourages greater connection to spiritual activity, so that its substance can be recognized and activated in the daily life of the soul.

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