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Questionnaire for Choosing Essences

Questionnaire by Patricia Kaminski

You may want to print the questionnaire, or you can read online and write down the question numbers and A, S, or N for each.  Answer A for "always", S for "sometimes", or  N for "never" for each question.  You may also find it useful to underline or note key phrases that you think describe you well.  After completing the questionnaire you can grade your responses as follows: 

If you've answered all of the questions relating to a particular flower essence with A, this is a high priority for you. 

A combination of A's and S's indicates a strong possibility for you. 

You may also find a situation in which you have only one A answer and nothing else for a group of questions, but that A feels so strong to you that you may want to consider making this flower essence a priority. 

We generally recommend taking a maximum of five flower essences at once. Remember that you don't need to solve every issue in your life simultaneously, and you may discover that once the larger issues are resolved the smaller ones may fade away. 

The question numbers are correlated to essences in the Answer Key at the end of this Questionnaire.

1. Do you tend to neglect basic emotional or physical needs in order to accomplish goals or projects?      A     S     N

2. Are you currently in a state of "burn-out" due to a physical, emotional, or otherwise challenging situation?     A     S     N

3. Would you characterize yourself as a typically "fiery person with a great deal of enthusiasm and personal ambition?     A     S     N

4. Is it hard for you to relate to the feminine aspect in yourself or others in an earthy or physical way?     A     S     N

5. For men: Do you tend to put women "on a pedestal," or think of them as being more spiritual than physical?     A     S     N

6. For women: Are you currently experiencing congestion or other disturbances in your reproductive system?     A     S     N

7. For women: Is it hard for you to have a positive experience of basic female biological functions such as menstruation, pregnancy, nursing, or sexuality?     A     S     N

8. Are you going through an intense inner experience, which feels as though some part of you is dying or encountering very deep change?     A     S     N

9. Do you have a terminal illness which fills you with great fear because it's hard to think about dying?     A     S     N

10. Is it difficult for you to surrender or to submit yourself to any process that  requires spiritual faith or trust?     A     S     N

11. Do you tend to see others, and the world in general, in purely physical or material terms?     A     S     N

12. Are you going through an experience which requires spiritual protection and guidance?     A     S     N

13. Do you often feel a deep sense of loneliness, as though you are isolated or separated from a spiritual source?     A     S     N

14. Have you suffered a major trauma such as an accident or surgery from which you feel you never fully recovered?     A     S     N

15. Are you currently experiencing shock or numbness due to trauma of any kind?     A     S     N

16. Do you feel that you do not fully inhabit some part of your body, or that it is generally difficult for your body to heal from wounds or other injuries?     A     S     N

17. Is it hard for you to let down your guard around others, or to trust they can help you?     A     S     N

18. Did your early childhood experience include abandonment by your father, or the absence of a loving and supportive father?     A     S     N

19. Do you often have a rather cynical or skeptical attitude toward life, or feel that you must "go it alone"?     A     S     N

20. Do your values regarding sexuality and spirituality feel in conflict with one another, as though both cannot really exist at the same time?     A     S     N

21. Does your sexuality have a clandestine or secretive aspect to it, such as a hidden love affair?     A     S     N

22. Do you participate in shame-based sexual conduct, or in sexual activities that seem demeaning or dehumanizing?     A     S     N

23. In looking at your family history do you see a pattern of violence or abuse?     A     S     N

24. Are you currently involved in an exploitative or violent relationship?     A     S     N

25. Do you radiate intense magnetic or charismatic power, which often attracts many challenging people or situations to you?     A     S     N

26. Do you often find yourself in patterns of denial, blocking things from your memory or disassociating from behavior that you do not really want to face?     A     S     N

27. Do you suspect a deeply traumatic event from childhood, for which you have "emotional amnesia"?     A     S     N

28. Is there a shadow side to your personality, or unrecognized part of yourself which needs more honest attention and understanding?     A     S     N

29. Do you have many plans or intentions which never seem to materialize?     A     S     N

30. Do you tend to be philosophically oriented, someone more likely to think or reflect than to organize and execute?     A     S     N

31. Do you feel sluggish as though your physical body is lacking in essential vitality or willpower?     A     S     N

32. Do you feel devastated or broken-hearted by a relationship which has ended?     A     S     N

33. Has a family member or friend recently died, resulting in intense feelings of grief and loneliness?     A     S     N

34. Do you often find yourself in troubled relationships, especially ones in which you feel rejected?     A     S     N

35. Do you need a lot of security in personal relationships, or become emotionally dependent on attention from others?     A     S     N

36. Do you often feel emotionally weighed down, burdened by feelings which seem oppressive or stifling?     A     S     N

37. Are you currently experiencing a great deal of sadness, grief, or loss?     A     S     N

38. Do you feel closed down in your heart, an almost physical sensation of weight or "heavy-heartedness" that prevents you from fully experiencing joy?     A     S     N

39. Do you often find yourself apologizing for what you do or who you are?     A     S     N

40. Do you find that others are more worthy of attention or respect than you?     A     S     N

41. Do you evaluate your social status by conventional standards of achievement, rather than an inner sense of your own self-worth?     A     S     N

42. Do you find yourself frequently interrupting others or becoming argumentative?     A     S     N

43. Is it hard for you to listen or to take genuine interest in what others are saying?     A     S     N

44. Do you feel you need to develop more warmth and compassion in the way you relate to others?     A     S     N

45. Do you often feel disgusted or squeamish around anything that is too raw or "gut-level"?     A     S     N

46. Do you keep yourself under strict control, so that you are seldom spontaneous or instinctive in your response?     A     S     N

47. Do you tend to be anemic, pale, or lacking in physical vigor or strength?     A     S     N

48. Do you often find yourself fascinated by glamorous or charismatic people, or attracted to experiences which seem to promise more than they actually deliver?     A     S     N

49. Do you use drugs or seek similar experiences that help you to feel "high" or escape the realities of life?     A     S     N

50. Are you a perennial seeker, always looking for someone or some teaching that will hold the real answer?     A     S     N

51. Is it hard for you to get involved in committed relationships or in community service?     A     S     N

52. Do you frequently feel apathetic or bored, lacking enthusiasm or interest in life?     A     S     N

53. Do you often find yourself unwilling to take risks, hoping to avoid the possible pain or challenge involved?     A     S     N

54. Are you deeply troubled or uncomfortable with your sexual identity or gender?     A     S     N

55. Did you receive mixed messages about your sexual identity or gender when you were a child or adolescent?     A     S     N

56. Do you feel you need to integrate the inner qualities of masculine and feminine within yourself into a more harmonious wholeness?     A     S     N

57. Does your life often seem like one big trauma-drama, as though you are in continual crisis?     A     S     N

58. Do you find yourself exaggerating events, somehow needing to have things appear larger than ordinary life?     A     S     N

59. Do you have hysterical or dramatic tendencies that interrupt the flow of daily life for yourself and those around you?     A     S     N

60. Are you currently in a situation that feels "stuck" or stagnant?     A     S     N

61. Would you like to make some changes in your life, but lack the energy or fire to do so?     A     S     N

62. Do you find that you have a phlegmatic or complacent personality, one which tends to watch life go by?     A     S     N

63. Do you frequently burst into tears or react in a highly emotional way to many life situations?     A     S     N

64. Do you often feel a lot of tension or congestion in your stomach or solar plexus, as though there are many feelings stored there?     A     S     N

65. Do you believe that you need to develop more serenity in life; that you are often fluctuating between one emotional mood or another?     A     S     N

66. Do you frequently have troubling dreams or nightmares?     A     S     N

67. Do you feel there are violent, disturbing or fearful episodes from your past that may still have a psychic grip on you?     A     S     N

68. Have you used psychoactive or psychiatric drugs that altered your consciousness or behavior, and that feel toxic or invasive to your well-being?     A     S     N

69. Does the idea of aging really scare you, especially the fact of physical death?     A     S     N

70. Are you in mid-life, or in a stage or transition, requiring you to assess your deepest life goals, values and purpose?     A     S     N

71. Are you currently experiencing a life-threatening illness or other crisis that prompts you to consider the meaning and purpose of your life and spiritual identity?     A     S     N

72. Are you extremely uncomfortable if anyone intrudes or impinges on your living space or personal environment?     A     S     N

73. Do you find it especially difficult to be in crowds of people or in urban situations, as though you are out of touch with yourself?     A     S     N

74. Do you often sense that your feet are not quite on the earth, as though you are not adequately anchored in your physical body?     A     S     N

75. Do you often find yourself frustrated when you want to speak, having much more to say than what actually comes out?     A     S     N

76. Is it difficult to bring order, coherency, or fluency to your thinking, speaking, or writing?     A     S     N

77. Do you often feel flooded with inspiration, but at a total loss about how to communicate it to others?     A     S     N

78. Do you frequently over-schedule yourself, trying to cram as much as you can into every day and every hour?     A     S     N

79. Do you typically experience tension throughout your body, especially in the neck and shoulders?     A     S     N

80. Do you feel the need to flow more with life, especially to give your body a chance to unwind?     A     S     N

81. Do you often find yourself saying and doing things expected of you, rather than expressing or behaving how you really feel?     A     S     N

82. Are you troubled by your motives, as though there is a dissonance between your outer actions and inner intentions?     A     S     N

83. Do you need more inner awareness, especially to recognize and honor the real feelings in your heart?     A     S     N

84. Are you frequently in chaotic or stressful environments where it seems that your nerves are stretched to the breaking point?     A     S     N

85. Are you often bombarded by sights, sounds, and smells that seem to strain your ability to really appreciate or absorb what you encounter?     A     S     N

86. Do you have plans for (or have you just completed) a major trip, which will require you to encounter many new people, places, and environmental stimuli?     A     S     N

87. Do you often feel exhausted by the end of the day, as though you've taken in far more than you can inwardly understand or "assimilate"?     A     S     N

88. Would you describe yourself as accident-prone–someone who seems to have more than your share of accidents, both big and little?     A     S     N

89. Did you feel extremely insecure as a child, or were there harsh circumstances which left you feeling unprotected, abused, or neglected?     A     S     N

90. Does your body often feel awkward or heavy to you, as though you would like to feel more grace and ease?     A     S     N

91. Do you feel conflict about how to express your sexuality, vacillating between prudishness or promiscuity?     A     S     N

92. Does it seem hard for you to establish your own standards of integrity, given society's conflicting messages about sexuality?     A     S     N

93. Is there a current issue for you regarding the purification of your sexual desires, or a sense of dysfunction or disturbance in your sexual and reproductive organs?     A     S     N

94. Are you currently experiencing a great deal of stress or upheaval in your life, requiring you to rally all the inner strength and positive identity you can muster?     A     S     N

95. Do you feel somehow numb or devoid of true identity, as though life is so painful it's hard to be really present for it?     A     S     N

96. Have you experienced a situation that was so abusive or assaulting that you feel robbed of your essential dignity or self-respect, either recently or in the past?     A     S     N

97. Do you often feel unwanted or unloved, tracing these feelings back to your earliest childhood memories?     A     S     N

98. Do you frequently feel emotionally cold or distant in relationships, as though it's hard for you to feel love from others or to express it in return?     A     S     N

99. Were you an adopted child, or did your mother have a great deal of conflict or stress while pregnant with you?     A     S     N

100. Were you the youngest child in your family, or did family circumstances excessively reinforce your identity as a child or dependent?     A     S     N

101. Is it difficult for you to have stable employment or commitment to family responsibilities?     A     S     N

102. Do you frequently daydream about your childhood, or wish to return to some part of your past which seemed more carefree and innocent?     A     S     N

103. Are you more comfortable with a spiritual or meditative lifestyle that requires that you to retreat from the normal pace of life?     A     S     N

104. Does the modern technological world seem harsh and invasive to you, as though you would have been happier living in a simpler time?     A     S     N

105. Do you require a great deal of alone or quiet time, making it stressful for you if job or family obligations require too much "outer" time?     A     S     N

106. Would you describe yourself as a "nit picker," someone who is often preoccupied with even the smallest details at home or work?     A     S     N

107. Do you often find yourself wondering where the time goes, becoming entangled in myriad details but failing to accomplish your major goals?     A     S     N

108. Is it common for you to worry or become hyper-focused toward some event, person, or object, often out of proportion to its actual importance?     A     S     N

109. Is it hard for you to sustain a memory or an inner relationship with a loved one who has died?     A     S     N

110. Do you feel abandoned or bereft since the passing of a family member or friend?     A     S     N

111. Are you seeking a deeper, more soulful and eternal understanding of your relationships with family and friends?     A     S     N

112. Are you intending to conceive a child, or are you currently pregnant and needing to develop a deeper appreciation for the soul bonds that connect you to this being?     A     S     N

113. Do you have a lot of confusing and shifting physical symptoms that seem to be precipitated by emotional experiences?     A     S     N

114. Do you find yourself reacting with surface emotions to many life events, yet somehow unable to express your deeper, authentic feelings?     A     S     N

115. Do you feel a need to address some deep-seated feelings of grief, pain, anger, or rejection in a way that seems more genuine and honest?     A     S     N

116. Do you often look pale or anemic, or feel drained of life force?     A     S     N

117. Do you tend to be nervous, easily frightened, or apprehensive; in need of more strength and vitality?     A     S     N

118. Have you been through a physical illness or other circumstance that left you feeling listless or sapped of energy, as though your immune system is compromised?     A     S     N

119. Is it hard for you to recall much about your childhood, perhaps suppressing painful experiences you don't want to remember?     A     S     N

120. Do you find it hard to cry, because you learned a long time ago to hold back your real feelings?     A     S     N

121. Are you often haunted or troubled by memories from childhood, and wish to bring deeper awareness and understanding to your early experiences?     A     S     N

122. Do you often get "performance anxiety" when in front of others?     A     S     N

123. Do you hold back from public roles because you feel too vulnerable, or don't know how to remain confident and centered?     A     S     N

124. Are you an artist or in a similar lifestyle that demands great sensitivity and inner awareness, yet also exposes you to public scrutiny?     A     S     N

125. Do you frequently find yourself ignoring or compromising your real values or feelings in order to gain social approval or acceptance from others?     A     S     N

126. Are you in a family or other group situation that makes it difficult for you to remain true to your own individual feelings?     A     S     N

127. Do you find that you seldom take time to be alone with yourself, or to get in touch with your deepest needs, goals, or visions?     A     S     N

128. Is sexual intimacy difficult for you, especially the ability to feel warmth or pleasure from such contact?     A     S     N

129. Do you feel that previous sexual trauma or abuse has numbed or disengaged you from a sense of your own true sexual identity?     A     S     N

130. Do you find it difficult to integrate the real warmth and love you feel in your heart with a more physical experience of sexuality?     A     S     N

131. Do you feel that your scientific or intellectual training has somehow blunted your ability to perceive the world in a more soulful manner?     A     S     N

132. Is it hard for you to think in an imaginative or lively way, does it seem that your perception is dulled or overly mundane?     A     S     N

133. Do you tend to see reality as composed of "things" rather than "beings," as more material than spiritual?     A     S     N

134. Do you have many artistic ideas or projects that never come to full expression or manifestation?     A     S     N

135. Do you find any creative process very intense or hard on your body, often leaving you feeling drained and devitalized afterwards?     A     S     N

136. Do you feel that your creative expressions are too dull or lifeless, needing more earthly vitality?     A     S     N

137. Are you easily attracted to many activities or projects, but often feel that you are spinning out of control?     A     S     N

138. Is it hard for you to remain centered when demands are made on you, as though you lose awareness of your own identity?     A     S     N

139. Are you frequently tense or emotionally volatile, agitated by too much activity and lacking a feeling of calm centeredness?     A     S     N

140. Is there little art or beauty in your life; does your life seem mundane and strictly practical?     A     S     N

141. Were you told as a child that you weren't an artist, or were your artistic aspirations somehow blunted?     A     S     N

142. Does your emotional life, home, or work environment seem dull or gray; do you need to bring more inspiration and soul color into your life?     A     S     N

143. Does it seem that your current life is only a dim reflection of what you are really capable of achieving?     A     S     N

144. Do you often feel exhausted or weary, as though you are out of touch with your own sense of personal power and destiny?     A     S     N

145. Does it seem that you need to integrate your sense of spiritual purpose and vision more closely with your daily work and lifestyle?     A     S     N

146. Do you have conflicting feelings about leadership or service, wanting to be in charge, but then shirking your responsibilities?     A     S     N

147. Do you find yourself going through life dutifully executing your responsibilities, rather than being carried along by inner joy and purpose?     A     S     N

148. Do you find that others respond negatively or apathetically to you when you're in a leadership position?     A     S     N

149. Would you characterize yourself as "high-strung"–often being hyperactive or nervous?     A     S     N

150. Do you suffer from insomnia, mental tension, or headaches when you are highly concerned or overly absorbed in something?     A     S     N

151. Are you attracted to a very spiritual lifestyle that includes many hours of meditation or other spiritual practice?     A     S     N

152. Is it hard for you to think of yourself as a spiritual person, or to open yourself to spiritual experiences?     A     S     N

153. Do you have a great deal invested in your spiritual identity, so much so that you would not want others to see you as having lower emotions or passions?     A     S     N

154. Do you feel that your spirituality is unbalanced, that it is either expressed too little, or too exaggerated and not integrated enough with daily life?     A     S     N

155. Are you currently suffering from a physical disease or from some form of mental agony which makes you feel abandoned or isolated?     A     S     N

156. Is it hard for you to reach out to others when you are in pain; do you prefer to be left alone or believe that others will not understand you?     A     S     N

157. Do you feel deeply depressed about a physical handicap, illness, or other form of anguish that makes it hard for you to see any meaning or purpose in your suffering?     A     S     N

158. Do you get easily distracted, finding it challenging to stay focused on any one idea or project?     A     S     N

159. Do you tend to start projects or tasks, and then lose interest or leave them unfinished?     A     S     N

160. Do you have trouble with mental concentration, feeling drowsy or listless, especially in the afternoon or in hot weather?     A     S     N

161. Do you have a difficult time making friends, finding it hard to feel affectionate or socially outgoing?     A     S     N

162. Are you frustrated by inner feelings of warmth or closeness that are not conveyed easily to those you love?     A     S     N

163. Would you like to develop more trust and openness in your relationships with others?     A     S     N

164. Do you have a negative self-image of your body or physical presence in life?     A     S     N

165. Do you frequently diet or binge, or subject yourself to harsh physical regimens of exercise?     A     S     N

166. Does it often seem like the spiritual and physical parts of you are at war; that your body does not seem harmonious with your spiritual identity?     A     S     N

167. Was your relationship with your mother - or any other major female figure - full of turmoil or alienation?    A     S     N

168. Were you abandoned, abused, or did you suffer any other major trauma during your childhood years?    A     S     N

169. Do you need to develop an understanding of your early childhood experiences, especially your relationship with your mother and how it affects your current life?    A     S     N

169a. For women: Do you feel a lot of conflict, doubt or insecurity about your own role as a mother?    A     S     N

168. Do you keep yourself under strict control, so that you are seldom spontaneous or instinctive in your response?     A     S     N

169. Do you tend to be anemic, pale, or lacking in physical vigor or strength?     A     S     N

170. Have you suffered a long illness, trauma or other handicap that has made you extremely dependent on others?     A     S     N

171. Is it hard for you to feel responsible or truly independent; do you frequently find yourself needing to be cared for by others?     A     S     N

172. Have you used drugs or other extreme behaviors to blot out your conscious awareness or autonomy?     A     S     N

173. Are your basic living patterns erratic or chaotic–tending to eat, sleep, work or travel at divergent or unpredictable times?     A     S     N

174. Does it seem as though your internal body clock is askew, finding it hard to arise fresh in the morning but staying up late at night?     A     S     N

175. Are you attracted to stimulant foods or drugs which boost your energy level, or give you a false sense of energy your body does not have?     A     S     N

176. Have you recently been subjected to hostile or otherwise negative behavior from others which seems to be affecting how you feel and think?     A     S     N

177. Do you thoughts or feelings seem hazy or troubled, or do you often feel drained and unnecessarily fatigued?     A     S     N

178. When you examine your actions, does it feel as though you're not really in the driver's seat, but rather that you are carrying out the intentions or desires of others?     A     S     N

179. Do you often avoid letting others know what you really think, remaining uncomfortably passive or silent?     A     S     N

180. Are you currently in a challenging situation that demands that you take a stand, or make a choice for your beliefs?     A     S     N

181. Do you need to develop more confidence in yourself, especially your ability to be strong, courageous or positively assertive?     A     S     N

182. Does it often seem as though your inner life of dreams or thoughts is blurred or confused with outer, ordinary events?     A     S     N

183. Is there a strong intuitive or psychic aspect to your personality, so much so that it sometimes overpowers your good judgment or observation in the physical world?     A     S     N

184. Do you need to develop greater clarity of consciousness, especially regarding dreams or other inner events and their relationship to your daily life and responsibilities?     A     S     N

185. Do you frequently find yourself lying to others, or acting in other ways which are deceitful or misleading?     A     S     N

186. Are you currently facing a painful decision that requires that you further develop your sense of inner conscience or moral values?     A     S     N

187. Do you need to develop more personal authenticity, so that your values or the meaning of your actions are really clear to others?     A     S     N

188. Does your current occupation or lifestyle demand a great deal of study or other mental concentration?     A     S     N

189. Does your approach to life seem at times to be too dry, abstract, or intellectual?     A     S     N

190. Do you find that you are lacking in fire, vitality, or warmth, frequently experiencing colds, congestion, or other physical depletion?     A     S     N

191. Do you have a disposition that could be described as "macho"—a tough, cool persona that seems impervious to emotions?     A     S     N

192. Do you use drugs, especially tobacco, as a way to feel more relaxed, grounded, and emotionally stable?     A     S     N

193. Do you often find yourself needing to blunt or numb your feelings, in order to cope with the harsh or stressful environment around you?     A     S     N

194. Are you often filled with feelings of paranoia or mistrust regarding the intentions of others?     A     S     N

195. During childhood, did you experience the world as an unsafe place, or that you had to constantly defend yourself in order to survive?     A     S     N

196. When you meet others, is your first instinct to wonder how they might harm you, rather than how you might help them?     A     S     N

197. Have you experienced one or more misfortunes or life tragedy that require you to rally all the faith and endurance you can possibly muster?     A     S     N

198. Do you suffer a physical defect or other handicap that requires enormous fortitude and strength in order to cope from day to day?     A     S     N

199. Do you have the feeling of being persecuted or otherwise victimized, making it hard for you to sustain faith or trust in the unfolding of your life?     A     S     N

200. Are you often hungry and in need of stimulation from food, only to find yourself dull and mentally sluggish after you've eaten?     A     S     N

201. Do you drink coffee or take other stimulants in order to feel mentally alert enough to accomplish your tasks?     A     S     N

202. Does your mind often feel foggy or lethargic, lacking in alert and awake mental forces?     A     S     N

203. Do you suffer from intense feelings of shame or vulnerability, feeling you need to protect yourself from exposure to others?     A     S     N

204. Were you deeply wounded or violated in the past, so much so that it's hard for you to take emotional risks with others?     A     S     N

205. Is it hard for others to touch the deepest feelings in your heart, as though you feel wary or even fearful of their intentions?     A     S     N

206. Are you easily influenced by others' emotions, making it difficult for you to distinguish your own feelings from those of others?     A     S     N

207. Are you often in a caretaking or nurturing role, yet find yourself drained and depleted by the emotional needs of others?     A     S     N

208. Are you hypersensitive to any emotional discord in your environment, making you feel extremely uneasy or otherwise dysfunctional?     A     S     N

209. Do you frequently find yourself creating negative barriers to others especially through anger, hostility or irritability?     A     S     N

210. Do you often keep a "safe" emotional distance, so that you do not have to show too much intimacy, emotion or vulnerability?     A     S     N

211. Do you have a fear of being engulfed or absorbed by others, especially anyone who seems too feminine or nurturing?     A     S     N

212. For women: Are you currently experiencing great doubt or conflict in choosing between having a family or developing your career?     A     S     N

213. For women: Are you infertile, or have you recently experienced a miscarriage or abortion, causing you to reconsider or resolve your feelings about pregnancy and motherhood?     A     S    N

214. Are you ambivalent or confused about how to focus your creativity, especially between values of career and home, or personal and social involvement?     A     S     N

215. Do you invest a great deal of time or money in your personal appearance?     A     S     N

216. Do you feel a sense of shame or unease if your personal appearance or physical body is less than perfect?     A     S     N

217. Do you have a physical handicap, or a condition due to aging or physical disease, that makes it hard to accept yourself as you are?     A     S     N

218. Are many of your spiritual feelings fear-based, such as a fear of retribution by your religious community or punishment from God?     A     S     N

219. Would you like to develop a more authentic expression of your own spirituality, but fear censure or condemnation by others?     A     S     N

220. Have you experienced a premature psychic opening through drugs, cultic abuse or other psychic means, which makes you fearful or uncertain of how to practice your spirituality?     A     S     N

221. Do you find it challenging to be involved with groups, tending to be protective of your individual identity?     A     S     N

222. Are you experiencing a lot of conflict about a current social situation, either within your family, workplace or larger community?     A     S     N

223. Do you tend to avoid any kind of group process, finding it irritating, tiresome or frustrating?     A     S     N

224. Do you often experience blurred, foggy or distorted vision, especially when you are under emotional stress or psychic overwhelm?     A     S     N

225. Is it easy for you to distort or misunderstand your perception of people or events, as though your "emotional vision" is clouded?     A     S     N

226. Do your psychic and sexual energies often interfere with each other, requiring more inner clarity and balance?     A     S     N

227. Do you have clairvoyant or psychic impressions that seem distorted or emotionally based, needing keener perception and objective insight?     A     S     N

228. Are you a single parent, or in a similar caretaking role that demands equal measures of strength and sensitivity?Quince

229. Do you find yourself being too harsh with children or others in your care, not sure how to combine discipline with nurturing?     A     S     N

230. Do you find it hard to trust, or to act from the softer side of your personality, fearing that others will lose respect for you?     A     S     N

231. Does your job or home role require the command of lots of details which need to be handled simultaneously?     A     S     N

232. Is it difficult for you to maintain awareness of the "big picture" when you are working on a project that includes many fine points?     A     S     N

233. Does your life often feel overwhelming or chaotic because you are simply not able to keep pace with all the "loose ends" for which you are responsible?     A     S     N

234. Do you find yourself unable to cope in emergencies, often succumbing to panic or hysteria?     A     S     N

235. Have you found yourself unduly influenced by a public personality or political ideology, responding with fear to a picture of doom or disaster?     A     S     N

236. Do you lose your positive identity in your family or other close group, whenever there are challenging or negative circumstances?     A     S     N

237. Do you frequently experience stages of absentmindedness or forgetfulness as though your consciousness is not fully present at times?     A     S     N

238. Do you tend to have cold extremities–especially hands and feet–with the feeling that it's difficult to bring your consciousness and warmth completely into your physical body?     A     S     N

239. Did you experience trauma sometime in your past, in which extreme physical abuse or stress kept you from feeling warm and secure in your physical body?     A     S     N

240. Do you need to develop more objectivity and perspective about recent life events which trouble or perplex you?     A     S     N

241. Does your life seem more accidental than purposeful, making it hard to have much insight into, or acceptance of, the people and events surrounding you?     A     S     N

242. Are you in an elder phase of life, wanting to gather wisdom and reflect on the meaning of your experience?     A     S     N

243. Does your life seem unnecessarily cluttered, burdened or complex, as though you need to learn how to let go and find more simplicity?     A     S     N

244. Have you recently experienced an illness or misfortune that is prompting you to change and let go of old parts of your self or lifestyle?     A     S     N

245. Is it difficult for you to contact your true spiritual identity, because you hold on too tightly to possessions, lifestyle, or social personality?     A     S     N

246. Do you feel alienated from or ashamed of your family lineage, cultural or ethnic identity?     A     S     N

247. Do you frequently find yourself rebelling against or in conflict with persons who have authority or power over you?     A     S     N

248. Do you need to develop a deeper understanding or respect for the traditions which have shaped your family or cultural identity?     A     S     N

249. Are you hypersensitive to bright light or heat, feeling particularly drained or dysfunctional during the summer?     A     S     N

250. Do you feel depressed in the winter when there's not enough light?     A     S     N

251. Is it common for you to experience distress when sleeping, such as dream disturbances, night-sweats or bed-wetting?     A     S     N

252. Is your state of consciousness generally diffuse or expansive, needing more inner strength and clarity?     A     S     N

253. Do you have a difficult time dealing with issues or anger or power, tending instead to "stuff" your feelings?     A     S     N

254. Are you frequently in situations where you try hard to be polite or calm, but suddenly vent explosive feelings of anger or rage?     A     S     N

255. Do you need to develop more direct and clear ways of communication, so that your honest feelings or disagreements are fully acknowledged?     A     S     N

256. Do you often get depressed, alienated or overwhelmed when you hear news reports or consider the state of world affairs?     A     S     N

257. Is it hard for you to see how your contribution can make much difference in your neighborhood, community, or in the larger world?     A     S     N

258. Do you frequently experience personal despair, or feel "What's the use, why try it?" when it comes to solving problems or helping others?     A     S     N

259. Do you endlessly try one healing approach after another, convinced that a particular practitioner or health regimen holds the answer for you?     A     S     N

260. Are you currently experiencing a challenging health problem or other dysfunction which requires that you rally all your healing forces?     A     S     N

261. Do you find it hard to see how anything you think, feel or do could make any real difference in your state of wellness?     A     S     N

262. Do you have a challenging time when writing or performing other intellectual tasks, because it's difficult for you to see the main idea or make clear sense of what you are doing?     A     S     N

263. Are you someone who tends to be overly analytical, easily seeing all the bits and pieces but not always grasping or appreciating the larger picture?     A     S     N

264. Does it seem as though your life is full of chaos or divergent threads, requiring you to find more meaning, integration or harmony?     A     S     N

265. Was there considerable trauma surrounding your birth, or the earliest months of your life?     A     S     N

266. Are you particularly fascinated by stories of UFOs or extra-terrestrial encounter, or do you feel that you've had such an encounter?     A     S     N

267. Do you often feel deeply alienated, as though you don't feel quite at home on earth, or part of the human family?     A     S     N

268. Does your consciousness feel more cosmic than human, leading you to feel less interested in earthly life or mundane, worldly affairs?     A     S     N

269. Do you tend toward verbal abuse or insults, tending to lash out at others suddenly and without much forethought?     A     S     N

270. Does it seem as though you have excess energy in your mouth, needing to chew, eat or talk a great deal?     A     S     N

271. Do you have a powerful will or libido, but find it challenging to direct your forces in constructive rather than destructive channels?     A     S     N

272. Are you extremely conscious of all your material possessions or personal wealth, feeling it as a form of personal security?     A     S     N

273. Did you grow up in poverty or in an economically or emotionally unstable situation, which made it hard for you to feel materially secure?     A     S     N

274. Do you have a hard time being open or generous, sharing what you have with others, or taking financial risks?     A     S     N

275. Do you feel that you lack an inner life, and are unable to contact your own spiritual guidance or inner wisdom?     A     S     N

276. Do you want to be in touch with the feminine side of your consciousness, and to be able to listen to others be receptive and intuitive?     A     S     N

277. Do you find it difficult to pray or meditate, or recall your dreams?     A     S     N

278. Have you had a number of sexual relationships that mean very little to the deeper feelings within your heart?     A     S     N

279. Do you hold back from expressing yourself as a sexual human being, because it is hard to feel safe in conveying your inner feelings to another?     A     S     N

280. Are you frightened or awed by sexual intimacy, unsure of how to deal with your own vulnerability or feelings of love and warmth?     A     S     N

281. Is your relationship with your father, or any other significant male figures, full of tension or unresolved conflict?     A     S     N

282. Do you often come on strong or seem overbearing to others, even though you know it is just your way of trying to convey confidence?     A     S     N

283. Do you feel uncertain or insecure about your own core identity or sense of individuality?     A     S     N

284. Did you move a great deal during childhood or throughout life, so much so that it's hard to feel connected or interested in any place that you live?     A     S     N

285. Do you have a hard time calling the neighborhood, community, or geographic area where you live truly "home"?     A     S     N

286. Do you feel out of touch with your environmental surroundings, not really feeling rooted or sustained by the land and the people around you?     A     S     N

287. Have you been characterized as "lazy" or an "under-achiever," because it seems that you are not really acting on your full potential?     A     S     N

288. Do you tend to procrastinate, or energetically withdraw from participation or commitment as a way of staying contained and coping with pressure from others?     A     S     N

289. Did your childhood include a great deal of chaos, confusion or emotional instability, which caused you to suppress your natural enthusiasm, curiosity, or energetic response to situations?     A     S     N

290. Does it seem that you are overly aggressive or competitive, excessively concerned about your own performance?     A     S     N

291. Do you tend to have separatist tendencies, thinking about your own aims and goals, rather than developing cooperative strategies?     A     S     N

292. For women: Are you currently experiencing energetic fluctuations due to menopause, especially stronger, more masculine forces which you need to balance and integrate?     A     S     N

293. Do you frequently find yourself measuring your own or others' worth by standards of financial wealth and personal power?     A     S     N

294. Would you characterize yourself as extremely ambitious, someone who needs a great deal of wealth and personal influence in order to achieve your life goals?     A     S     N

295. Is your consciousness often directed toward survival issues, feeling that if you had more money or economic security your problems would be solved?     A     S     N

296. Do you speak in a flat, monotone, or unexpressive voice?     A     S     N

297. Do you stutter or stammer when you speak, or have other difficulty fully expressing yourself?     A     S     N

298. Do you need to bring more colorful and creative expression to your speech and your general way of presenting yourself?     A     S     N

299. Are you someone who is extremely sensitive and keenly aware of your environment and of the thoughts and intentions of others, even when not spoken?     A     S     N

300. Do you have many allergic responses to food or environmental stimuli, feeling that you need more inner strength and integrity?     A     S     N

301. Do you often find yourself depleted when you are in crowds, while traveling, or in taxing or challenging social situations?     A     S     N

302. Does your work as a healer, teacher, or parent require enormous forces of compassion and giving, which often leaves you feeling you have nothing more to give?     A     S     N

303. Do you travel frequently, especially through airports?     A     S     N

304. Do you work often around video display terminals, or other devices transmitting radiation?     A     S     N

305. Have you had numerous x-rays taken, either recently or in the past?     A     S     N

306. Do you live in a geographic area which is polluted or toxic, or with strong electromagnetic forces?     A     S     N

307. Is it hard for you to make contact with others, to understand what they are really feeling or saying?     A     S     N

308. Do you need to look at some of the consequences of your actions, to understand more fully how you've hurt others, even when you may not have been aware of it?     A     S     N

309. Do you need to develop more empathetic sensitivity in your role as a parent, teacher. or manager, or in other social interactions?     A     S     N

310. Do you sense within yourself a deep, unexplained grief or profound sadness that has never been fully realized or explored?     A     S     N

311. Do you feel physical constriction in your chest, or suffer from afflictions to the heart and lungs such as asthma, pneumonia, tobacco addiction, or breathing disturbances?     A     S     N

312. Do you tend to tighten your breath as a way of coping with painful feelings, or otherwise hold on to deep feelings of sadness, grief, or other soul afflictions?     A     S     N

313. Does your life seem overly grim or serious, as though you are gritting your teeth to get through each day?     A     S     N

314. Are you someone who could be described as" over-dutiful" or a "workaholic," carrying a load of somber responsibilities which seem never-ending?     A     S     N

315. Are you able to laugh at yourself, or find moments of spontaneity or humor on a daily basis?     A     S     N

316. Do you frequently take time to play with children, or to schedule activities for yourself that are truly enjoyable and uplifting?     A     S     N

Answer Key

1–3 Aloe Vera

4–7 Alpine Lily

8–10 Angel's Trumpet

11–13 Angelica

14–16 Arnica

17–19 Baby Blue Eyes

20–22 Basil

23–25 Black Cohosh

26–28 Black-Eyed Susan

29–31 Blackberry

32–35 Bleeding Heart

36–38 Borage

39–41 Buttercup

42–44 Calendula

45–47 California Pitcher Plant

48–50 California Poppy

51–53 California Wild Rose

54–56 Calla Lily

57–59 Canyon Dudleya

60–62  Cayenne

63–65 Chamomile

66–68 Chaparral

69–71 Chrysanthemum

72–74 Corn

75–77 Cosmos

78–80 Dandelion

81–83 Deerbrush

84–87 Dill

88–90 Dogwood

91–93 Easter Lily

94–96 Echinacea

97–99 Evening Primrose

100–102 Fairy Lantern

103–105 Fawn Lily

106–108 Filaree

109–112 Forget-Me-Not

113–115 Fuchsia

116–118 Garlic

119–121 Golden Ear Drops

122–124 Golden Yarrow

125–127 Goldenrod

128–130 Hibiscus

131–133 Hound's Tongue

134–136 Indian Paintbrush

137–139 Indian Pink

140–142 Iris

143–145 Lady's Slipper

146–148 Larkspur

149–151 Lavender

152–154 Lotus

155–157 Love-Lies-Bleeding

158–160 Madia

161–163 Mallow

164–166 Manzanita

167–169 Mariposa Lily

170–172 Milkweed

173–175 Morning Glory

176–178 Mountain Pennyroyal

179–181 Mountain Pride

182–184 Mugwort

185–187 Mullein

188–190 Nasturtium

191–193 Nicotiana

194–196 Oregon Grape

197–199 Penstemon

200–202 Peppermint

203–205 Pink Monkeyflower

206–208 Pink Yarrow

209–211 Poison Oak

212–214 Pomegranate

215–217 Pretty Face

218–220 Purple Monkeyflower

221–223 Quaking Grass

224–227 Queen Anne's Lace

228–230 Quince

231–233 Rabbitbrush

234–236 Red Clover

237–239 Rosemary

240–242 Sage

243–245 Sagebrush

246–248 Saguaro

249–252 Saint John's Wort

253–255 Scarlet Monkeyflower

256–258 Scotch Broom

259–261 Self-Heal

262–264 Shasta Daisy

265–268 Shooting Star

269–271 Snapdragon

272–274 Star Thistle

275–277 Star Tulip

278–280 Sticky Monkeyflower

281–283 Sunflower

284–286 Sweet Pea

287–289 Tansy

290–292 Tiger Lily

293–295 Trillium

296–298 Trumpet Vine

299–302 Yarrow

303–306 Yarrow Special Formula

307–309 Yellow Star Tulip

310–312 Yerba Santa

313–316 Zinnia

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