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This is all 38 remedies in 20 ml plus two Rescue Remedy, in attractive cardboard box.


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Putting on a cheerful face to hide problems.  For those who hide their troubles from themselves and others (contrast with Heather, below), making light of inner difficulties and rarely burdening others with them. They avoid arguments and confrontations. They will avoid being alone, and may use alcohol, drugs, food, or work to escape their pain. Teaches honesty about feelings and the ability to express them.


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Fears and worries of unknown origin, nervous and anxious.  For those who have vague but troubling fears and anxieties which suddenly arise for no apparent reasons (contrast with Mimulus, below). These may be in the form of nightmares or apprehensions; they may also be related to religious or spiritual beliefs. Gives courage in exploring the unknown.


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For intolerance of others and the readiness to find fault. Teaches one to be able to accept and look beyond differences.


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Difficulty in saying no, anxious to please.  For those who always try to please others and find it difficult to say no to them, even when they are being exploited. Teaches the strength to follow one's own path in life.


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Doubtful of own ability to judge situations.  For those who don't trust the wisdom of their own judgment and always need to ask the advice and opinions of others, even when such advice is misguided. Teaches one to trust in one's inner guidance.

Cherry Plum

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Fear of losing control and of irrational thoughts and/or impulses.  For doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in one's spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow one's path.

Chestnut Bud

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Failure to learn from experience, repeating the same mistakes.  Teaches one to be a good learner and to pay attention to the present.


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Over-protective, possessive, selfish.  For those who are over-involved with and possessive of family and close friends and impose their own standards on those they love. Teaches unconditional love.


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Day-dreaming, lack of interest in present.  For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas; may foster great creativity.

Crab Apple

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Poor self-image, feelings of shame, sense of uncleanliness.  This remedy teaches acceptance of the body and the environment, and is also used as a physical cleanser.


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Used when one feels overwhelmed or overburdened by responsibilities, for feeling that a task is just too difficult to accomplish. Teaches composure and the ability to see problems in an appropriate perspective.


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Easily discouraged, hesitant, despondent.  For feelings of discouragement and doubt which may be caused by even small obstacles. The cause of depression is always known (contrast with Mustard, below). Teaches confidence about the ability to overcome problems.


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Hopelessness and despair, pessimism.  For those who give up in the belief that nothing more can be done: often in the case of chronic illness. Teaches that confidence in a solution or cure is one of the components of healing, and imparts such confidence.


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Self-absorbed, dislike of being alone, excessively talkative.  For those who have a need to constantly talk about themselves (contrast with Agrimony, above) and their problems, who hate being alone.  Teaches the ability to listen sensitively to others.


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Feelings of extreme jealousy, bitter, envious, suspicious.  For those who are troubled by feelings of envy and hatred because they feel they don't get enough love. Teaches one to be truly loving.


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Living in the past, feeling homesick.  For those who dwell too much in the past, on lost loved ones, or on ambitions that were never realized.  Often they never expect happiness again. Teaches the ability to live joyfully in the present.


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Monday morning feeling, emotional exhaustion.  For the feeling (often experienced upon waking) that one doesn't have the strength to get through the normal activities of the day. Teaches mental liveliness and alertness, an enthusiasm for life.


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Impatience, irritability.  For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others.


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Lack of self-confidence, feeling of inferiority without envy, the anticipation of failure. Often they make no attempt to succeed. Teaches self-confidence and the determination to take on challenges.


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Fear of known things (contrast with Aspen, above), shyness.  For known fears: of the dark, heights, disease, death, poverty, etc. Teaches courage and an understanding of other people's fears.


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For depression of unknown cause (contrast with Gentian, above), a deep, sudden gloom that descends upon one for no apparent reason. Teaches inner stability, cheerfulness, and serenity.


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Exhausted but struggles on.  For those who never give up, regardless of difficulties. This remedy gives such people joy in their endeavors, and teaches them to take a break from time to time.


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Emotional burnout.  For mental and physical exhaustion, caused by illness or personal ordeals. This remedy assists in giving strength and vitality.


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For those who are never satisfied with themselves and blame themselves for not doing better. For people who suffer from guilt and will even blame themselves for others' mistakes. Teaches self-acceptance and the replacement of guilt with regret.

Red Chestnut

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For those who worry constantly about the well-being of those they love and anticipate terrible things happening to them. Teaches the ability to radiate positive thoughts to people even when they're in trouble. emergency situations and for any situation in which one feels terrified.

Rock Rose

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Terror, sudden alarm, nightmares, or situations in which one experiences panic.

Rock Water

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For those who are excessively hard on themselves, who adopt repressive, rigid personal regimes, and deny themselves pleasure. Teaches open-mindedness and inner flexibility.


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For those who are often torn between two choices and can't decide between them; also for mood swings.  Teaches concentration, inner balance, and flexibility.

Star of Bethlehem

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For trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Teaches the ability to recover from traumas and to integrate them into the present life.

Sweet Chestnut

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For extreme anguish, the feeling that one has reached the limits of one's endurance. Teaches one to believe that change is possible, to trust oneself and the benevolence of the universe.


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Over-enthusiastic, argumentative with fixed principles and ideas.  For those who need to convince others of the rightness of their own beliefs and whose overenthusiasm may sabotage their good intentions. Teaches one the ability to see other viewpoints and imparts a genuine enthusiasm that inspires others.


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Strong-willed with a tendency to be domineering or inflexible.  For those who insist that others do things their way, the "boss" or "dictator" personality. Teaches one that genuine leadership means encouraging the leadership qualities in others.


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Facing major life changes, needing protection from the influences of others.  For those who are easily influenced by outside circumstances and may be detoured from the positive changes they want to make in their lives. This remedy eases all transitions.

Water Violet

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For those who are independent, loners, sometimes proud and aloof. This remedy teaches them to interact with others without sacrificing their independence.

White Chestnut

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Unwanted thoughts, preoccupations, and worries that seem to endlessly recur and that can cause insomnia.  Teaches a balanced state of mind and the ability to use one's thoughts constructively.

Wild Oat

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Uncertainty as to the correct path in life, dissatisfied with current lifestyle, can't decide which path to follow.  For people who want to accomplish something in their lives, but who have no clear sense of purpose. They feel dissatisfied and uncertain. Teaches focus and direction.

Wild Rose

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For resignation and apathy, for those who make no effort to find joy in their lives. Teaches enthusiasm and the ability to make life meaningful.


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For resentment, self pity, and the feeling that life is unfair; one may also resent the cheerfulness of others. Teaches one to take responsibility for one's own life.

I am very grateful to Gerard at  Floweremedies - Le monde des élixirs floraux  for granting me permission to use his beautiful photographs.  I refer all French orders of Bach Flower Remedies to him.

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Rescue Remedy (combination)

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Contains Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, and Star of Bethlehem. This is good both for emergency situations, shock, and stress. Helps to stabilize the emotions. The Cream also contains Crab Apple.

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Bach Dosage Bottles

We can also make for you 1 oz Dosage Bottles (please specify brandy or glycerin as preservative). You can put a message in the Shopping Cart which remedies you want, or you can send us an email.

Three remedies     $8.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Four remedies      $10.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Five remedies       $12.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Six, seven, or eight remedies $15.00 Add to Shopping Cart

If more than eight remedies are desired, please list in the Message/Instructions box at checkout in the Shopping Cart or send us an email with the additions and we will add $1 per remedy above eight.

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THE FLOWER REMEDIES were grouped by Dr Bach under seven headings:

In the brief descriptions that follow, the negative feelings are given first,  followed by the positive results that may be achieved by using the remedies. 

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ROCK ROSE: feelings of alarm, horror, dread and being intensely scared - the courage to face an emergency.

MIMULUS: fright of specific known things, such as animals, heights, pain, and for shy, nervous people - bravery.

CHERRY PLUM: feelings of losing control, of doing dreaded things - calmness and sanity.

ASPEN: vague, unknown apprehension and haunting premonitions - trusting the unknown.

RED CHESTNUT: worry for others, anticipating misfortune, projecting worry - trusting to life. 


CERATO: distrust of self and intuition, being easily led and misguided - confidence to seek individuality.

SCLERANTHUS: inability to resolve two choices, indecision, alternating - balance and determination.

GENTIAN: discouragement, doubt and despondency - ability to take heart and have faith.

GORSE: absence of hope, acceptance of difficulty, feeling pointless to try - the sunshine of renewed hope.

HORNBEAM: feeling weary and unable to cope - strength and support.

WILD OAT: lack of direction or fulfilment, feeling of drifting in life - ability to become definite and purposeful.


CLEMATIS: feeling dreamy, drowsy, absent-minded - ability to come down to earth.

HONEYSUCKLE: living in memories - involvement in the present.

WILD ROSE: Lacking interest, resigned, having no love or point in life - arousal of the spirit of joy and adventure.

OLIVE: exhaustion, loss of strength, need for physical and mental renewal - feeling rested and supported.

WHITE CHESTNUT: suffering unresolved, circling thoughts - resolution to a calm, clear mind.

MUSTARD: feeling that gloom suddenly crowds in, for no apparent reason - clarity.

CHESTNUT BUD: failure to learn from life, make repeated mistakes, lack observation - ability to learn from experience. 


WATER VIOLET: withdrawal, aloofness, pride, self-containment, quiet grief - peace and calm, wisdom in service.

IMPATIENS: irritation with constraints, tension, impatience - gentleness and forgiveness.

HEATHER: longing for company, talkativeness, over-concern with self - tranquillity and kinship with all life.


AGRIMONY: worry hidden behind a carefree mask, apparent joviality to hide suffering - feelings of steadfast peace.

CENTAURY: being kind, gentle, quiet and anxious to serve, but weak and dominated - ability to be active and positive.

WALNUT: for protection from outside influences, changes and developments - the link breaker.

HOLLY: jealousy, envy, anger, suspicion and the urge for revenge - certainty that the conquest of all will be through love.


LARCH: expectation of failure, lack or confidence or the will to succeed - self-confidence, willingness to try anything.

PINE: self-reproach, self-criticism, assumption of blame, readiness to apologise - relief of the sense of guilt.

ELM: temporary overwhelming of capable people who falter in their responsibilities - the strength to perform duty.

SWEET CHESTNUT: unendurable desolation - a light in the darkness.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: need for consolation after a fright or sudden alarm - comfort in grief.

WILLOW: dissatisfaction, bitterness, resentment and feeling that life is unfair - acceptance without complaint.

OAK: patient, persevering strength, and never giving in - ability to admit one's limitations.

CRAB APPLE: self-disgust, feeling of uncleanliness, getting small things out of proportion - the cleansing remedy. 


CHICORY: demand for attention, self-pity, possessiveness, self-love, feeling hurt and tearful - development of love and care that gives freely to others.

VERVAIN: willfulness, stress, over-enthusiasm, fervour and insistence- quiet and tranquillity.

VINE: tyrannical behaviour, bullying, demand for obedience, domination - ability to become a loving leader and teacher, setting all at liberty.

BEECH: intolerance, fussiness, hyper-criticism - ability to see more good in the world.

ROCK WATER: self-denial, rigidity, stricture, puritanism - development of a broad outlook and understanding.

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Bach single essences come in 20 ml dropper bottles for $19.85. Rescue Remedy available in 10 ml ($16.95) and 20 ml ($23.95). Rescue Remedy cream is $12.95.  Rescue Remedy spray is $23.95. The complete set of 38 single remedies plus two Rescue Remedy, all in 20 ml, is $625.00.

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