Australian Bush Flower Essences FAQ

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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are not therapeutic drugs - but work on the mind, body and spirit and are obtained by extracting the healing vibrational quality from the highest evolved part of the plant - the flowers. They work on an emotional level, harmonise negative feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind.

How long have Flower Essences been used?

For thousands of years Australian Aboriginals have used flowers to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Flower Essences were also used in Ancient Egypt, as well as Asia, Europe and South America. This system of healing was rediscovered and popularised sixty years ago by Dr. Edward Bach with his use of English flowering plants. Naturopath, Ian White has further developed this method using plants from all over Australia. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from an early age the power of Australian plants. He has spent many years travelling Australia researching and developing a range of 62 specific Essences.

What makes Australian Bush Flower Essences unique?

Australia, as well as being the first continent, has both the worlds oldest and highest number of flowering plants, displaying striking color and powerful ancient forms. It is one of the most unpolluted countries and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. The Australian Bush Flower Essences tap into this power, strength and vitality and for this reason the remedies are unique, fast acting and are successfully used world wide.

Are they safe, and can anyone use them?

The flower essences are completely natural. They are perfectly safe, free from side effects and adjust to the needs of the individual taking them. It is not possible to overdose or harm when prescribing. If an inappropriate remedy is chosen, it simply will not work. The Essences can be used by both adults and children, as well as your animals.

How are they taken?

They are generally taken, 7 drops under the tongue twice a day for two weeks. In some cases, usually where the problem is persistent then the Essences may need to be taken for a slightly longer period.  Some of the Essences are very powerful and are recommended for only a few days, such as Waratah.  Please read the descriptions for more information.

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All Australian Bush single essences (not combinations) are available in 15 ml stock dropper bottles ($14.25).  Combination remedies are $14.25 for 30 ml dosage dropper bottles..  Mists and creams are also available (see Combinations).   For pricing details, go to the Price List.

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