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Animal Care Spray

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Our Animal Care Spray contains small amounts of organic Lemon Grass and Roman Chamomile essential oils. These enhance the calming effects of the formula and add their refreshing qualities to the spray, which can be misted around the animal, on its bedding, and in its immediate environment. This spray is particularly helpful for rescued and injured animals, especially when they are behaving aggressively.

Animal Care Spray is also found as drops.

Easy Learning Spray

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Our Easy Learning Spray contains the organic essential oils of Basil, Coriander, Fresh Ginger, Laurel, Lemon, Rosemary, and Spearmint. These bright and refreshing oils are well known for their ability to enhance memory and mental focus, relieve mental fatigue, and promote inspiration. Use the Easy Learning Spray when you need to refresh, clear, and focus the energy wherever learning is taking place, including dorm rooms, classrooms, pre-schools, artist and writing studios, and the study area at home.

Easy Learning Spray is also found as drops.

Soul Support Spray

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Our Soul Support Spray utilizes the soothing and clarifying properties of an organic Lavender oil from Kashmir. Use it to calm, ground, and center your environment as well as your energy field. It can be used in the same situations as the Soul Support drops, and is especially helpful when oral application is impossible or inconvenient.

Soul Support Spray is also found as drops.

Travel Ease Spray

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Our Travel Ease Spray contains the essential oils of Black Spruce, Himalayan Cedar, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit which support the cleansing, grounding, and uplifting qualities of the formula. Using the Travel Ease Spray is a refreshing way to keep your energy field strong, clear, and grounded during long flights, train trips and ocean cruises, and when transiting airports, train and bus stations.

Travel Ease Spray is also found as drops.

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Sacred Space Sprays

Jane Bell and Steve Johnson have co-created three new formulas for Space Clearing, an ancient practice brought to life by Denise Linn in her book Sacred Space. Jane is a graduate of Denise's Interior Alignment program and practices Space Clearing professionally, helping people to create healing environments.

Our Sacred Space Formulas enable you to create and maintain a clear and vibrant energy field in your home or office. Stagnant energies accumulate in our environments from computers and other electrical equipment, emotional upsets, illness, clutter, and even from the energy of previous occupants. Over time these energies can have a draining affect on our health, prosperity, relationships, and general happiness and well being. Anyone can benefit from Space Clearing their house so that it sparkles, but you will find this process especially useful if you are moving into a new home, staying in a motel, feel stuck in any area of your life, lack physical energy and vitality, or are sensitive to energy in general.

Begin with a prayer of gratitude and by focusing your intention to clear stagnant, inharmonious energies from your environment and to replace them with positive, uplifting, and life affirming energies from nature and the angelic kingdom.

Calling All Angels Spray

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Contains: AngelicaChalice WellChiming BellsKunzite

Calling All Angels helps you to contact the love, guidance, and protection of the angelic realm. These essences bring a soft, loving, serene energy into your heart, physical body, and environment. They are complemented by the following precious essential oils: Bulgarian Red Rose Otto, Carnation, Alpine Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit. These joyful and calming oils promote the release of tension and help us open our hearts to the love and peace of the angels. This spray came out of Jane’s work with children who were having difficulty sleeping, and as a result were keeping their parents up as well. Instead of calling out for mom or dad after waking up, they would use this spray, say, “calling all angels”, and fall back into a peaceful slumber. It became very popular!

Use it to:

Strengthen the knowledge that you are guided, supported, and protected by the angels.
Come into a stronger awareness of your own angelic nature.

Experience the love and the angelic kingdom in your physical body.

Bring the essence of JOY and PEACE back in to your life.

Create a sacred and protected space for sleeping and dreaming.

Make a stronger connection to the divine feminine.

Take internally, add to the bath, and add to a spritzer bottle whenever you want to invoke the loving energy of the angels. Use as an invocation essence after using the Purification formula to vibrationally cleanse your house or office. Calling All Angels is a favorite with children. They love to spritz themselves and their rooms before they go to sleep at night.

Calling All Angels is also found as drops.

Guardian Spray

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Contains: CovelliteDevil's ClubRound-Leaf OrchidStone CircleWhite VioletYarrow

Guardian helps you create a powerful force-field of protection in your aura and environment. It contains Covellite, Devil’s Club, Round-Leaf Orchid, Stone Circle, White Violet, and Yarrow. These essences enable you to claim your energetic space, maintain your grounding, and feel the protection of strong, healthy boundaries. Guardian also contains the essential oils of Himalayan Cedar, Litsea Cubeba, Tangerine, Lime and Melissa. These oils enhance the protective and grounding qualities of the essences and add uplifting notes of joy and playfulness. This spray is especially useful for those of us who are highly sensitive. We often feel our sensitivity is a curse instead of a blessing because we don’t know how to keep the energies in our environment from penetrating and depleting us. Guardian reminds us that we are the source of our own protection. It connects us with our inner light and helps us radiate this powerful energy outward into our surroundings. This helps us stay open and sensitive, while feeling sealed and protected.

This combination is particularly good when you:

  • Are unable to embody your sensitivity in a practical and easy way because of a lack of functional boundaries.
  • Feel tired or run down and need to rest and nurture yourself, but can't seem to create the space to do it.
  • Are overly reactive to influences in your environment.
  • Are ambivalent about being present in your body and on the earth because you don't feel safe or protected enough.
  • Have just moved into a new home or neighborhood and are having difficulty grounding into your new situation.
  • Are doing healing work that requires you to be in the personal energy space of others.
  • Are required to work around computers and other electromagnetic equipment or in toxic environments.
  • Are doing Space Clearing, Interior Alignment, Feng Shui, or similar work that requires you to enter into the working or living spaces of others.

The Guardian formula can be taken internally whenever you feel the need for more protection. It is also very effective when sprayed on the body and in one's environment. Mist it into your house or office after it has been cleansed with Purification to anchor a new matrix of balance and protection.

Guardian Spray is also found as drops.

Lighten Up Spray

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Contains: CarnelianGrass of ParnassusOrange CalciteSolstice Sun

The overall effect of our Lighten Up Spray is to uplift, energize, inspire and nourish. It was created to counteract seasonal or chronic light deficiencies resulting from where people live (extreme northern or southern latitudes), the design limitations of their living and working environments, or the quality of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped). It is also helpful for those who are caught up in onerous patterns or situations, or feel cut off in any way from their inner sources of light. These essences open and expand energy pathways, dispel stagnant emotions, and encourage a more efficient degree of light circulation in the space that will uplift all who enter. The essences are enhanced by the essential oils of Blood Orange, Bulgarian Lavender, Combava Petitgrain, Lemon Myrtle, and Ylang Ylang Extra, which add refreshing, sparkling, and uplifting qualities to the spray.

Use the Lighten Up formula:

  • When you are fatigued or feel a lack of energy on the physical level.
  • When you are doing Space Clearing and want to enhance the qualities of light and energy in the environment you are working with.
  • For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • In the classroom, when you are getting tired of sitting and receiving information.
  • On plants, to give them extra light and energy during short winter days.

The Lighten Up formula can be taken internally or added to your bath whenever you feel the need for more light and energy. It is also very effective when sprayed on the body and in your environment. Mist it into your house or office after it has been cleansed with our Purification formula.

Lighten Up is also found as drops.

Purification Spray

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Contains: Black TourmalineFireweedPortage GlacierSweetgrass

Purification is a "space clearing" formula designed to cleanse and purify your personal energy field and your environment. It can be used to break up and cleanse stagnant patterns of energy on any level. Use this formula when you need to:

  • Release old ingrained habits that are no longer useful, necessary, or contributing to your well-being.
  • Break up toxic patterns of energy in an environment where there has been addiction, depression, or abuse.
  • Purify and recharge the atmosphere where there is stagnant energy-like a room that has been closed up for a long time.
  • Create the clear, neutral space that is necessary before you can successfully invoke positive energies into your environment.
  • Release toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and physical body.
  • Revitalize, balance and stimulate the renewal of energy on all levels of your energy system.

Spray some Purification in your rental car when you pick it up and in your hotel room upon arriving. Putting drops in an indoor fountain is a great way to constantly purify and revitalize a room. Purification can be added to wash water to elevate household chores to a sacred activity and can be sprayed throughout the whole house after it has been cleaned physically.

Purification is also found as drops.

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