Alaskan Essences

Alaskan Essences

Steve Johnson

by Steve Johnson


About Us

In 1983, my job as a wilderness fire fighter allowed me to be stationed in a remote village on the northern shore of Lake Minchumina.  Located in the geographical center of the state, this lake sits like a jewel in the crown of the Alaska Range, with an imposing view of Denali, the tallest mountain on the North American continent.  It was here in this pristine wildflower paradise that I began preparing the Alaskan Flower Essences.

I founded the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in 1984 to coordinate the preparation and research of new flower essences form the extensive ecological regions of Alaska.  That summer, I also pioneered the concept of co-creating essences directly form the environment with the preparation of the Solstice Storm essence.

Shabd-sangeet Khalsa joined the project in the fall of 1984.  During the next seven summers, Shabd-sangeet prepared a number of the essences now featured in our repertory.   In 1985, Janice Schofield, a well known herbalist an author, began contributing a series of flower essences from the Kachemak Bay and Rocky River areas of south central Alaska.

My job as a fire fighter continued for another eight summers, providing me with many unique opportunities to prepare flower and environmental essences in other remote areas of the state.  In 1991, I retired and moved myself and the business to Homer, a small coastal town in south central Alaska.  There I was joined in my research and teaching activities by Jane Bell, a flower essence therapist and educator  The scope of our work together expanded in the summer of 1992 when Jane and I co-created the forty-eight Alaskan Gem Elixirs.

Jane and I continue to prepare new flower, gem, and environmental essences, but our main focus is on researching existing essences and developing and presenting our annual Practitioner Training Program.

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About Alaska

The vibrational purity and aliveness of the Alaskan environment is what led me ot begin preparing essences here.  Alaska is one of the few places left on our planet where the environment is much as it was thousands of years ago.  Less than 630,000 people live in an area one-fifth the size of the continental United States, and more than half of these are clustered in the three largest cities.  The plant and elemental kingdoms here are still intact, healthy, and exuberant because much of the state has never been impacted by human activity.

All of the life forms that exist here have had to develop special adaptations to ensure their chances for survival in an extreme climate and an intense environment characterized by constant movement and change.  As we begin a new century and a new millennium, the qualities that enable us to thrive in an environment of continual transformation are becoming increasingly relevant.  These qualities are embodied by the Alaskan essences.  Through the study and use of these essences, we can awaken and master them in ourselves.

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A Threefold System of Healing

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project is the only essence company in the world that has developed a system of vibrational remedies based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms.  This threefold system is based on the special qualities of healing energy that each kingdom has to offer, and on the synergy that is created when essences from these three kingdoms are used together.   The following is a brief introduction to the three types of essences that make up our system.

Flower Essences—The plant kingdom occupies the central role in this relationship, bringing the gift of spiritual consciousness to the Earth.  Essences made from flowers awaken positive qualities of consciousness within, enabling us to open to and complete our life lessons with increased awareness and understanding.

Gem Elixirs—The mineral kingdom helps us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences.  Just as the rocks and soil of this planet provide structure and stability for the growth of the plant kingdom, gem elixirs stabilize and restructure our energy systems so that our physical bodies can maintain balance as our consciousness grows and expands.

Environmental Essences—The gift of the elemental kingdom is energy for change.  The environment, through the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, supplies vital nourishment for all living things.  Essences made from the environment provide the potent qualities of energy we need to create and sustain change at the core level of our being.

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Flower Essences and Healing

Flowers are the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, divine expressions of creativity made manifest through heavenly scents and stunning displays of color. This divine creativity is also present on a subtle vibrational level, where each flower embodies a life-affirming pattern of conscious energy. These patterns have their origin in the higher dimensions and are manifested in our physical world through the specific form of each plant.

Flower essences are a transference of these positive patterns of energy into a liquid medium. This is accomplished by placing healthy flowers that are at the peak of their blossoming cycle into a bowl of pure water, which is then left to potentize in the sun. The resulting infusion is then preserved and diluted for internal and external use.

The positive patterns of energy embodied in flower essences awaken dormant qualities of consciousness within us and stimulate the release of blockages to our spiritual evolution, which can be seen as the ongoing process of anchoring our spiritual selves into our physical bodies.

Flower essences are unique in that they are a source of intelligent healing energy that is available to both educate and empower the person taking them. They may be readily introduced into any health care program, and do not interfere with nor are they adversely affected by other forms of treatment, such as homeopathic remedies or prescription drugs. They may be safely used by people of all ages, and can also be a gift of healing to members of the animal and plant kingdoms.

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Using the Essences

Each Alaskan flower and environmental essence stock bottle we sell has been individually hand-potentized. Dosage bottles may be prepared by following these basic instructions:

First choose the appropriate essences. This may be done by pendulum analysis, kinesiology (muscle testing), intuitive selection, or by reading the essence descriptions and determining which ones feel right for you. It is also helpful to have an experienced flower essence practitioner work with you in the selection process.

Fill a clean one ounce glass dropper bottle with pure spring or distilled water and add two drops of each selected essence. We recommend adding one teaspoon of brandy to preserve the clarity and stability of the solution. Those with a sensitivity to alcohol may want to use a like amount of apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin as a substitute for the brandy, or the essence drops may be taken in hot water or tea.

The standard dosage from this level of dilution is four drops, four times a day, but we urge individual testing to arrive at the correct dosage amount and frequency, especially with small children and animals. Please note that the frequency, or the number of times that the essences are taken, rather than the amount that is taken, increases the strength of effect.

You may want to use these essences at their existing stock level of dilution. Drops may be taken directly from the stock bottle, or added to a small amount of liquid and sipped throughout the day.

Flower and environmental essences can also be used topically at the stock level by blending them with massage oils, lotions, and salves, or as a special addition to your bath. They may also be broadcast into your environment using a humidifier or spray bottle, or by adding them to bowls of water that are placed in the appropriate areas of your work or living space.

These essences are completely natural. Proper storage will maintain their precise and subtle vibrations. We recommend keeping them in a cool, dark place away from toxic substances. 

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Sizes and Prices for this brand:

Singles (flower, gem, environmental, and research) 1/4 oz for $9.95 and 1 oz for $14.95.
Combinations 1/4 oz for $9.95 and 1 oz for $14.95.
Sprays are 2 oz for $17.95 and 4 oz for $25.95.

Flower Kit 1/4 oz is $475.00 and 1 oz is $655.00.
Gem Kit 1/4 oz is $333.00 and 1 oz is $450.00.
Environment Kit 1/4 oz is $94.00 and 1 oz is $123.00.

Cards are $35.00.

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