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This card deck is based on the 72 flowers contained in our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit. Beautifully photographed by Steve Johnson, these cards will help you open to the healing power of nature in a profound and easy way. Each card includes keywords that precisely indicate the healing qualities of the flower, and affirmations that you can use to embody the positive states of being they represent. An easy-to-follow pamphlet provides detailed instructions to help you immediately give accurate readings for yourself and others. The cards are available in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

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How to Use the Cards

1. Card for the Day: Hold the deck in your hands with your eyes closed and set a healing intention for the day, then select a card. Open your eyes, attune to the picture and read the keywords and affirmations for the essence. Place the card on your altar and connect with it several times during the day.

2. Attraction/Resistance: With a particular issue and healing intention in mind, spread the cards out on a flat surface with the picture sides up and intuitively choose the one you are the most resistant to. This card will bring insight and energy that will help you release the tension you are holding around the issue. Now choose the picture you are the most attracted to. This card represents the positive outcome of your healing intention.

3. Do a more extensive layout with the cards. Several layouts are listed in the pamphlet that comes with the cards, and expanded versions of these and other layouts will be available on this page soon.

4. Pick a card before bed and place it on the bedside table, or pick several to help you with your dreams.

5. Placing objects such as crystals, jewelry, or a picture of a loved one on a card will charge them with the healing energy of that flower.

6. Put specific cards around the house to support different activities. For example, place the Wild Iris card where you write to support your creative process.

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Sizes and Prices for this brand:

Singles (flower, gem, environmental, and research) are 1/4 oz for $8.95 and 1 oz for $13.45.
Combinations are 1/4 oz for $9.45 and 1 oz for $14.45.
Sprays are 2 oz for $15.45 and 4 oz for $22.95.

Flower Kit 1/4 oz is $434.00 and 1 oz is $599.00.
Gem Kit 1/4 oz is $299.00 and 1 oz is $408.00.
Environment Kit 1/4 oz is $82.00 and 1 oz is $109.00.

Cards are $35.00.

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